Live from JORDAN – Benjamin Orbach

Currently i am reading this serious book (serious kot)that i borrowed from nearest library close to my home..Perpustakaan Komuniti Petaling Jaya… after my first try reading an autobiography “Eat Pray Love” this is my second, kind of autobiography, but this time.. ala2 travelog, with few pictures included in this book. The book was written by a jewish-american and also a speaker of  Hebrew and Arabic (fluently i supposed.. ).. Travelling from Israel to Amman – Egypt – Syria – no where else because i am still reading it..

I always heard that some non-muslim, or newly converted-to-islam-malaysian, went to Jordan to study arabic just to understand Quran Ul-Karim.. hmm i wonder and keep on asking myself… do i have a heart to go to Jordan and study arabic.. ? or the least.. to study basic arabic just to get basic understanding of ayah in Quran.. For me.. i maybe able to recite every words and sentences in the Quran.. hmm still be looking for a translation from a Tafsir .. Who knows.. with times, spaces and Hidayah from Allah .. insya allah  .. i would definitely grab the opportunity to learn arabic .. currently my third language is Mandarin..

I donno know whether i should recommend people out there to read this book.. but to me.. reading this book.. could give me something.. information or perspective from a different angle. .. especially from a non muslim and jewish like Mr Orbach.. i really want to know.. what did he shares to the world in this book..

Honestly.. i just kind of uneasy reading the synopsis of this book on the front flip-cover.. but whatever it is.. it was what he had witnessed in one of MIDDLE EAST country..

The Confession – John Grisham

On Oct 26, i eagerly walked out from my comfort cubicle in my office.. driving through strong heat in Subang Jaya.. (cehh konon ayat novel).. just to catch and bought this new lovey dovey.. masterpiece of Grisham.. The confession… just can’t wait the day it arrived in the MPH store in Subang Jaya.

For the last 3 weeks.. i’ve been browsing through the same website, mphonline and almost everyday.. and it is everyday that i almost clicked the pre-order button to purchase this book online.. but since the free delivery from MPHonline only eligible for Rm180 and above.. adus.. i got to control myself.. fuh.. otherwise.. definitely i will end up buying all un-plan books.. adus.. that gonna cost me more..  Finally (nak tak nak kena tunggu Oct 26)… it is in my hand.. hahaha.. I’ve requested the book.. that was not in the bookshelves.. i’ve waited for 10 to 15 minutes.. browsing through the shopaholic series.. while waiting for this book.. aaa..buku baru sampai.. and baru keluar kotak… hardcover paperback.. hmm smell nice too..

Unfortunately.. hmm exam just round the corner.. so curik2 baca.. hahah.. nak pulak the exam is a reading subject.. (adoii ) can i just goreng.. ? hmm huhuhu my expertise tuh.. no doubt.. hahaha.. curik2 baca for 2 or 3 chapters.. adoi.. i’m hooked to it now..adoi…am afraid.. i will be having another sleepless night these few days.. (hmm mintak2 jgn) haaii.. mintak2.. laa exam nih cepat berlalu.. Amin..

Hmm next plan.. to find another great author.. of coz thriller story teller.. like Grisham.. hmm i can’t read books by Nora roberts.. hmm daniel stells.. or something can’t remember those name.. romantic and lover dovey wording blueekk.. tak boleh… hmm tak boleh masuk.. Was planning to buy Norhayati Berahim’s novel.. hmm cancel.. cintan cintun hmm.. so not into my souls yet.. hmm any names? Serious reading materials.. hmm proposed by Simon, Toxic people.. huhuhu.. Ivy with her proposal of “6 sixma” , “Blue ocean strategy” .. aa tinggalkan dulu….  fiction plz. work is work… went am out of office.. fiction and fiction only.. hahaha

Friday – July 2nd, 2010 *:)

hmm nyum nyum.. just done with a bowl of meehun.. mum’s cook is always the best.. 😀

I have attempted few times to post a story of mine here, unfortunately, i could not save it.. due to what reason i do not know. This sem break, i was preoccupied with books.. bukan lah buku ilmiah, but more on fiction, a biography and autobiography. I went to MPH Subang Parade few times.. i browsed thru the so many times.. hmm akhirnya sangkut la aku.. buying books 4 times in 2 months.. hmm gulp.

Because i am too excited to reall all the books..(rasa nak pi lepak one place and read all my books.. boleh tak) currently i am reading 3 books at a time.. i took half an hour of my lunch time for Twilight series.. almaklum laaa huhuhu twilight – eclipse just around the corner.. haaa tak sabar nak pegi tengok, you know.. like am preparing myself for the exam.. haha exam in cinema.. (sengal sengal). Once i reach my home.. at night.. in my hall.. i will be reading an autobiography of Elizabeth Gilbert.. Eat, pray Love. Bestt.. simple, spontaneously written.. (hmm berangan if one day, i could produce similar journal.. and produce it into a book) waahh what an income… sampai aku mati pun anak cucu bleh dapat duit royalti dari buku.. syiokk. And as i switch off the light in my room.. i’ll switch on my book light pulak.. clip it on my book.. Biography Muhammad bin Abdullah.. hmm what an adventure.. from the day he was born.. to the great Al-Amin, thru his jihad in Badr, Uhud and his devotion and love towards his ummah… sometimes, it’s easy to lose track of time.. tidur time 2.30, 2am .. gara-gara penghayatan cerita yang best.. 😀

Grisham Newest Masterpiece...

Now, next sem is coming.. hmm tapi i can’t wait to start reading Grisham newest novel that i just bought thru MPHonline.. Theodare Boone.. aaa baca synopsis pun dah rasa terujaa..first.. i need to wrap the book first.. sayangg.. another book that i bought is a must read book.. selalu laa ramai lecturer kat campus aku suh baca.. me also unintentionally interested.. sebab dah memang selalu baca website nyer (chedet).. so not the Maverick book.. buku tuh orang lain tulis (tak best). i bought the malay dilemma…by Tun M.

This weekend.. ada My best friend wedding.. another week on 17/7 pun ada my best friend wedding.. hmm my mum.. as usual. haha kepingin katanya nak bermenantu.. ” am sorry mum.. not this time.. the time has yet to come.. insya allah.. one nice day will be mine.., just keep on praying..n dont give up, whatever it is.. i got to finish what i am doing now.. and no one can stop me.. except.. death.” 😀

Luv u Mak.. hugs and kisses.

Thanks for the nice Meehun.. Sedapp banget

I heard he sang a Lullaby..

I realized that i dont have any entry on my special day.. (hmm tak pa la) Anyway.. hari itu pun.. bukanlah satu hari yang seronok untuk di ingat.. Hmm same goes to special day for kak ila.. No special entry for her. (Sayang kak Eila)..

But i bought something (could be special to her.. maybe) on her birthday. Kebetulan masa birthday kak eila, Hubby kak Eila kerja malam… and she slept at my place… The very moment of Nov 1, i handed her the gift.. hmm small jerk.. sekadar sebotol perfume of her favorite… So glad that she like it..

In return.. (sapa suh return2) kak Eila really don’t know what to buy for my birthday… katanya. ekin cerewet.. and she was so afraid.. takut tersalah beli and later i will refuse to ware or whatever.. to accept. (kureng je budak ekin nih). Hahah.. Kesian kak Eila.. (but at the same time i was uwaahh.. lega. nasib baik kak Eila tak belikan aku perfume) me not into perfume.. Instead.. i requested a new running shoes.. We bought it together kat factory outlet Adidas in Summit USJ. Siap ada discount 50% lagik.. heheh thank You so much dear.. Kak Eila cukup faham perangai buruk aku..

And now,me and my work after end of semester.. Waaah Lucky me i dont hv class at this moment.. Project dekat office tiba2, ada banyak discussion.. hmm tak lah aku yang menjadik speakernyer.. but can you imagine.. terpaksa duduk dalam bilik meeting 3 to 4 times a week, at least for 3 hours..? or worst… sepanjang hari.? huh.. i’ feel like I am paralyzed for a day.. Dok duduk kat situ.. taip2 itu ini.. (sesekali menjengah facebook.. hehe. Suka hati la kan) Rasa nak melekat dah punggung dengan kerusi.. aduss..

Dekat rumah, anak buah aku dua orang dua berkhattan kat sini.. huuuu dengan sorang askar kecik yang tak bersunat lagi.. riuh umah aku. Abang aku pun, dok kat umah gak, since wife nyer dekat kampung.. berpantang.. Setiap hujung minggu abang aku akan balik kampung.. so kinda bising n hiruk piruk rumah nih sampai ke tengah malam… Anak2 buah aku yang berkhattan, Amin and Aiman di arak bagai pengantin betul2… (wahh meriah) dengan kompangnya dengan liputan media lagik.. Glamour anak buah aku. (ihiks) Paling best hidayah yang first time dengar bunyi kompang cukup happy bertepuk tangan sambil mulutnyer babbled “pak pong pak pong”.. (clever girl).. habis berkhattan, 2 days after.. dah mintak itu ini.. suh beli toys and etc etc.. Auntie nih la jugak yang pi beli.. Amboii request tak hengat.. Bukan bleh main pun.. hahah.. Auntie yang tolong mainkan yekk.. (hehehe)

Since dah tak dak class.. (hehe seronok) aku habiskan masa dengan baca buku cerita.. Huh.. buku yang selama nih aku pinjam, aku beli, aku simpan akhirnya dapat gak aku baca.. Just finished on the very masterpiece of grisham.. (best giler)  la nih aku tengah pegang cerita P.S. i Love you by Cecelia Ahern.. hmm buku cintan. (bukan Cintan mee maggi ye) kisah ala2 cinta. (hmm aku jarang baca buku cengini) Aku biasa baca buku killer2, (hahaha) So i really need to put my effort on this book, Concentrate n focus. Kena selam.. mungkin aku boleh habis baca.. Probably this is my second love story kot.. Yang first tuh.. aa apa tajuk aku tak ingat.. tapi aku tak lalu baca habis.. akhirnya aku pulangkan balik dekat Nawaal.. book by Judith McNaught.. haa aku tak bleh layan penulis tuh.. This time Is Cecelia Ahern.. Remarkably, ku dah terbaca sampai chapter 4.. wahhh best pulak cerita P.S. i love you nih.. touching.. (aa Emo la pulak kann).. Hmm layan je laa..

Chiow nak sambung baca.

Good Day!!..

Seronoknya cuti.. 8)

Happy Dewali.. seronoknya cuti panjang… Saturday aku pi post office berdekatan renew road tax dengan kak ila. So dapat lah duit rebet yang orang-orang dok cakapkan itu.. tanpa buat apa2 aku dapat extra rm600.. macam dapat duit raya pulak.. Habis urusan.. aku and kak ila lepak sat kat McDonald’s. Habis urusan aku lepak dekat rumah ajer..

Sunday morning.. aku pi bawak mak ke market berdekatan.. (hmm teringat lagu sunday morning by No Doubt.. Best). Sepupu aku kebetulan ada kat umah aku, since kursus induksinya kat Nilai.. Banyak la yang kami sembang sejak semalam. Katanya nak beli notebook.. nak pi low yatt katanya..

Morning at 0900, aku hantar makcik and pakcik aku yang datang dari Ipoh nak pi shopping kat Masjid India. Aku pun hantar dorang kat nearest LRT station. Dari Taman jaya terus ke Masjid India station.. dekat je. Aku tak lalu la nak pi ikut sekali shopping ngan makcik2 aku.. sebab dah habis raya pun. Aku, cousin aku, Fidah and adik pergi ke MPH wareshouse sales kat sec 13, Petaling Jaya. Lama aku dekat sini.. and i bought several books yang belum pernah baca and yang dah pernah baca pun aku beli. Saja untuk collection.. antaranya..buku2 untuk anak2 buah aku.. and tak lupa untuk anak angkat aku, Hidayah. hehehe. Banyak sangat buku.. wish that one day rumah aku akan ada library sniri.. bilik bacaan yang banyak buku.. hmm best nyer.

Lepas habis shopping kat sec 13, aku drive ke digital mall at sec 14. hmm macam malas nak pi low yatt. Jauh.. pastu kena menempuh traffic dekat KL. Malas.. Survey punyer survey jumpalah satu kedai yang bagi harga best sangat.. layan pun layan.. kami bagi deposit and charlos carik tempat nak solat.. adoi.. biasanya bangunan yang canggih dengan technology nih selalu nya memang tak dak surau. Orang-orang cleaner pun aku tanya.. hmm macam blur. Adik aku kata.. ikut kebiasaan setiap bangunan yang dibina should consider (kind of a must) to set up satu bilik sembahyang. tapi nampaknya bangunan digital mall nih.. tak der allocation untuk bilik kecil itu. So siapa punya keje yang approved nih.. (sniri mau ingat).kami keluar dari digital mall.. berjalan arah dry market.. aku masuk la satu kedai kek.. hmm mamat yang aku tanya jawap go to nearest masjid. Memang aku boleh nampak masjid dekat situ.. tapi nak berjalan waktu panas nih.. aduhh cukup mencabar.. kami keluar dari kedai kek.. dengan tujuan nak carik kat bangunan across the road. Akhirnya budak itu memanggil kami and katanya ada bilik sembahyang dekat dalam pasar. Fuh nasib baik la aku tak perlu nak menapak ke masjid.. alhamdulillah.

Habis solat kami menapak ke bangunan seberang jalan.. kind of bangunan baru ala2 shoppin complex gak. Kami belum makan tengahari. Jam dah kul 1540. Jalan punya jalan, kami masuk satu restaurant, nama nyer cozy corner. Makanan best gak.. tidaklah mengecewakan.. aku enjoy makan ginger keuh tiow dengan mango pudding.. hmm yummy. Selasai makan kami berjalan ke Digital mall lagi. Nak ambik notebook yang dah beres di install with OS. Jam 1800 kami dah dalam kereta.. Memandu balik. After 15 minutes kami sampai rumah. Itulah yang bestnya kalau pi shopping dekat2 nih.. tak la penat memandu. ihiks.

Malamnya kawan2 sekolah aku datang beraya, tak lah ramai tiga orang yang tunjuk muka.. kebetulan dorang nak datang umah abai.. tapi abai tak dak.. so Pudin, Sue and Emy yang datang.. seronok gak lama tak sembang dengan dorang.. aku hanya hidangkan mee goreng, kuih raya and minuman sejuk and panas… Jam 2300 dorang keluar dari rumah aku. Thank you sebab menyinggah.. seronok bila kawan-kawan datang rumah.. sembang2 and gossip2. ;). Kawan-kawan aku dah balik aku menyambung kerja membalut buku-buku yang aku baru beli.. hmm sayangnya.. the best collections..

Happy New year 2008!!

It’s a new year of 2008.

Yang aku ingat malam 31 Dec, aku dekat rumah, menonton siaran Concert disisimu, sampai lagu The Lima , separuh masa, sahaja, lepas tuh aku masuk tidur. Tahu-tahu tepat jam 12 tengah malam aku terjaga, because rumah aku dekat dengan sunway piramid, bali and etc etc, so bunyi mercun bunga api membuatkan aku terjaga dari tidur… Aku tarik bantal and sambung tidur balik. Hmm tak pernah pulak seumur hidup aku pegi celebrate new year or independence day kat luar tengah-tengah malam.. Aku pun tak berapa minat nak berasak-asak dengan lautan manusia yang ramai, dengan macam-macam bau and etc etc. Merimaskan.. So aku prefer duduk rumah tengok TV atau better tengok wayang. lagi best.

Pulic holiday on 1st Jan, I’m filling my day with a trip to Times Square. Dengan cousin aku, fidah, fizah and my sister, Fatihah.

Before that, pagi2 aku dah bangun and went to Hospital Sg. Buluh with kak ila. Sending her niece to register for a nursing course dekat hospital nih. Lepas hantar, i’d drop kak ila dekat tempat kerjanya and terus memandu balik. lepas all my cousin and my sis are ready kami semua bertolak dari rumah terus ke Times Square. About noon aku reached Times Square. Mulanya hanya nak window shopping, tapi i end up, buying few things like, my mask, eye cream, 3 books from borders and ntah apa lagi barang2 yang aku beli..

Penat berjalan kami makan dekat johnny’s restaurant. It’s a Thai food base restaurant. Hmm antaranya my fav roasted young coconut drink. best. Lepas makan kami jalan lagi. Cousin aku dok keluar masuk ke metrojaya nak beli gift for her father. Because 2nd Jan is her father’s birthday.. Hmm hari jadi abang aku pun Jan 2nd. Kami sampai rumah dalam 1730. Keluar dari parking lot.. alamakk hujann..

Balik rumah, yang pasti kaki dah penat berjalan. Nak tengok tv pun macam malas.. Baik aku belek buku yang aku beli.

Books that i bought from Borders - Berjaya Times Square