On Oct 26, i eagerly walked out from my comfort cubicle in my office.. driving through strong heat in Subang Jaya.. (cehh konon ayat novel).. just to catch and bought this new lovey dovey.. masterpiece of Grisham.. The confession… just can’t wait the day it arrived in the MPH store in Subang Jaya.

For the last 3 weeks.. i’ve been browsing through the same website, mphonline and borders.com almost everyday.. and it is everyday that i almost clicked the pre-order button to purchase this book online.. but since the free delivery from MPHonline only eligible for Rm180 and above.. adus.. i got to control myself.. fuh.. otherwise.. definitely i will end up buying all un-plan books.. adus.. that gonna cost me more..  Finally (nak tak nak kena tunggu Oct 26)… it is in my hand.. hahaha.. I’ve requested the book.. that was not in the bookshelves.. i’ve waited for 10 to 15 minutes.. browsing through the shopaholic series.. while waiting for this book.. aaa..buku baru sampai.. and baru keluar kotak… hardcover paperback.. hmm smell nice too..

Unfortunately.. hmm exam just round the corner.. so curik2 baca.. hahah.. nak pulak the exam is a reading subject.. (adoii ) can i just goreng.. ? hmm huhuhu my expertise tuh.. no doubt.. hahaha.. curik2 baca for 2 or 3 chapters.. adoi.. i’m hooked to it now..adoi…am afraid.. i will be having another sleepless night these few days.. (hmm mintak2 jgn) haaii.. mintak2.. laa exam nih cepat berlalu.. Amin..

Hmm next plan.. to find another great author.. of coz thriller story teller.. like Grisham.. hmm i can’t read books by Nora roberts.. hmm daniel stells.. or something can’t remember those name.. romantic and lover dovey wording blueekk.. tak boleh… hmm tak boleh masuk.. Was planning to buy Norhayati Berahim’s novel.. hmm cancel.. cintan cintun hmm.. so not into my souls yet.. hmm any names? Serious reading materials.. hmm proposed by Simon, Toxic people.. huhuhu.. Ivy with her proposal of “6 sixma” , “Blue ocean strategy” .. aa tinggalkan dulu….  fiction plz. work is work… went am out of office.. fiction and fiction only.. hahaha