MRT & Dr Linus Pauling – Last Interview with Dr Pauling (Vitamin C)

Lama nyer tak blogging… Heloo there Few days ago i was browsing through the Mr Google about MRT – Molecular Reform Therapy. Am not a doctor.. but am looking for a recipe or some kind of guide how to live longer – not just that, but meaningful live – in other words quality health and … More MRT & Dr Linus Pauling – Last Interview with Dr Pauling (Vitamin C)

Work from home

i’ve started working with my current company for more than 10 years ago.. starting at young age of 22 at a prestigious building like Petronas Twin Tower definitely an achievement.. even for a cleaner.. (Pemikiran orang muda sahaja ) … i still remember that the working hour was from 8 to 5 pm.. we enjoyed … More Work from home

Let’s get started

Lama dah tak blogging.. rindu.. let’s start with a short one.. i was on my way to office this morning.. earlier than usual.. since there will be a tadabbur Al-quran @08:00 in BPC room.. the flyover connected from NPE to Federal Highway was quite slow.. as usual the police traffic will alternatively stop cars from … More Let’s get started

Sudah ada UNIFI *:)

This is just to record that today is my first internet on UNIFI.. Tengah fikir benda apa yang nak didownload.. hehe banyak manfaatnya kalau aku continue study sekarang.. hmm… e-book.. and another thing nak carik e-reader.. yeah.. best nyer kalau dpt senang je bleh carry ebook.. tapi a reading will be very efficient when i’m … More Sudah ada UNIFI *:)


A Monday morning with heavy traffic..with long and dragged meeting. Alhamdulillah managed to arrive early, just have to wait for the vendor to come and discuss about new project and new initiative for me.. it was first kick-off. Tiring but satisfied.. Insya allah everything will be OK. In the middle of the discussion.. one of … More Discussion