What should i…

Well.. let’s start with update on January.. since the class had just started.. for the least i am glad..  i dont feel bored driving home and arrived early.. most of the time i enjoyed the religious classes at auditorium.. Now i have to put it aside.. leaving all interesting topic in Hadith class with Ust Abdullah.. Class with Ust Rosli from USIM.. 2 last session with Ust Hasrizal with the 7 habits of effective people – Al Ghazali & Stephen Covey.. hmm. nak tak nak i have to chase another ilmu agenda in Uitm Puncak perdana..sib baik ada geng rajin posted and shared voice recording for all these Ustaz.. Thank God.

Also.. fuhh.. rasanya this 2011, it’s gonna be like mary-goes-round.. harap2 semuanya berjaya dilaksanakan.. Amin.. hmm i think i need to list all things that need to be done.. kita draft dulu

1. Voice recording evalution – this is every month nyer keje.. adus.. commitment.. commitment.. jgn aku mengatuk masa dok dgr recording ni sudah..

2. Internal training – i would be conducting more than one training session with engineers after CNY.. hmm definitely the modules and manual need to go through amendment.. editing.. improvement.. lucky me that i dont have to do it elsewhere. Dekat office HQ shj.. alhamdulillah. Just read an email from my bos.. she’s suggesting to do it after office hour.. OMG how about my classes.. 😦 Ya Allah tolonglah permudahkan perjalanan sem ini

3. KPI reporting – this is my quarterly job.. adus i am sure there will be another changes in this first quarter.. however i take this as a positive changes.. because without these changes.. it also means that the report is not improving.. therefore.. changes is crucial.. (Yeah bring the changes on baby)

4. Kbase – would be my nearest project. Insya Allah by end march should / must be ready.. that’s what i told the protege of mine.. hahaha.. ini la case mentor-mentee ni.. another headache

5. Sure all my school project would be end on Aprill adus.. research project.. and sudden changes on who’s-teaching-what… bukan apa.. i may be need to change a bit my in-class-study-rhythm.. since one of my lecturer most probably will swap with someone else.. honestly.. it is not easy for me.. since i’ve experienced that changing lecturer is another mary-goes-round episode.. let’s pray for betterment.. tak mau jadik mcm sem lepas.. HARU

6. Follow with final exam weeks..


Around KRABI.. nak mimpi japp.. *:)

7. On june.. is the one that i’ve waited since last year.. Trip to KRABI.. aduss.. ini lah cuti aku.. just waiting for MATTA fair to buy good ground package.. Definitely snorkeling trip to Phi Phi island, nice beaches.. elephant trip.. whatelse.. i suppose these are all the planning.. panjang umur dapat lah aku buat semua yang kat atas… insya Allah

Again.. Dear Allah.. wish that you could give me strenght and strong spirit to go thru this period.. Amin

Gaza, Works and Evaluation

There are so many stories, since my last entry on this page.. hmm but i do not know whether am capable to write about everything..( sapa suruh!!)

One thing that comes to my mind is about the Gaza.. The very since 27th Dec, that cold war has taken away so many lives. Especially kids…I’d always thinking and imagining Hidayah and myself in the middle of that war.. wondering around, hurts, crying.. searching for shelter, food and water.. Sadis

Until today.. i am trying my best to prevent myself from going to those companies that i happened to know have direct contribution to Israel.. eventhou i do not know the true fact.. but i want and will prevent those places, for instance, fast food. Anyways.. fast food is definitely not good for me..  So unhealthy. Boycott jangan tak boycott.

Is WordPress.com also one of them? i do not know.. and i do not have that information..

These few weeks.. i got to travel from my office in Subang, to another office in USJ.. This is due to the assignment that Rahimah assigned me for. Instead of doing and searching information for the knowledge base, I’ve been assigned to assist admin team to re-study the user requirement for the new system.. It looks like.. the developers are quite lost in our flows and hundreds of procedures.. one of my colleague told me, “it is like chicken-and-duck conversations.”

Whatever it is.. I’ve already given the best.. and the document on it, has been submitted. Tomorrow will be another discussion.. probably in USJ office, i kind of forget, too lazy to check my calendar in my inbox.

This week is a so called sem break.. since there are no classes, except for Dr Jumy’s, which is on Wednesday, I tried to spend some valueable times at my workplace.. The good things about my office,  is many muslim in my office are good muslim.. (hmm boleh ke cakap macam tuh? ) well in my opinion.. Yes..(What I mean is the implementation..) Because when i was posted at KLCC and TPM, it is difficult to get into solat jamaah, unlike here.. We even have religious classes, twice a month with caliber person called Ustaz to our auditorium.. I can still remember.. on my previous days before i joined my company, i always prayed that i have a good workplace, no problem performing solah at any time and good work environment.. Thanks to Allah i got that.. what more i want? Huge salary increment?.. (hmm sapa tak nak).. of cause i want it.. and insya allah it will be just around the corner.. sooner or later.. it is evaluation weeks everybody..

Wish me luck..

Bye bye orang penang

Yesterday.. was a sad day for me.. because it is almost the end of a small project started about a year ago. After this, there will be no more weekly performance meeting with orang penang.. All this will be ended on 17 Nov. Sedih kan.. from zero until we totally understands the processes, cherish tuh ada la skit, though rasa terkilan itu pun ada. Nak buat macam mana jodoh dengan orang penang tak lama…Sekarang nih dalam bab-bab nak menyelesaikan kerja2 terakhir sebelum semuanya jadi kenangan.

Currently, there is another project yang kebetulan aku been selected to be in a team.. hmm itu pun nasib baik la Asri and Rahimah nak letak aku kat team tuh.. Project yang mencecah 1 million itu aku kira yang terbesar for our division.. harap2 semuanya baik belaka.. and kerja2 dengan office nih akan jadi lebih licin n efficient.

Last Friday was the day where we had the kick off meeting at our auditorium. Terpandang la kat slide yang tertulis nama ku untuk men”support” on the technical part. Hmm confident giler la orang from this singaporean company about their capabilities on meeting our requirement. Hmm. Tapi rasa nak gelak je masa mula2 aku dengar speaker tuh bercakap.. maybe he is one of the typical indian from india kot.. the pronunciation and style.. heheh very the Indian. He sounds funny to me.. tapi is it actually a unique style that not all indian have. Rasanya aku berada didalam conference dekat India je.. bukan niat nak gelakkan orang.. well, u know.. that is the uniqueness of having multiracial community in Malaysia.

Due to this project, sekarang hari2 ada discussion. at least for 1 hour untuk brainstorming session for fulfilling the user requirement of the new system. Hmm.. jumaat pulak, inaz ajak aku pi ke site at HUKM, untuk tengok system kat sana.. Hmm seronok la inaz lepas lawatan kat HUKM aku bleh hantar dia balik terus.. hmm aku nak charlos cepat pi class lepas tuh.. harap-harap esok traffic tak menjadi masalah.

Esok ada last meeting with all engineers.. hmm kesian.. disebabkan project dengan orang penang ini, ada yang terpaksa di terminate.. hmm dan kisahnya nak kahwin tak lama lagi.. adoi.. dugaan la untuk orang itu. Semoga tabah.  Oklah.. ini draft semalam.. tak sempat nak publish.. aku nak sambung keje.. nak buat classification of works untuk project baru..


10 days after..

Hmm how and where should I start ye? It’s been quite sometime. I didn’t write anything.. exactly 10 days.. wahh lamanya.. Been very busy with my studies and my works.. unstoppable. Hectic.. Whatever it is.. I am feeling so glad, becoz I think I am using my time to the fullest. Tak lah duduk bengong and boring..

Every nite before I fallen asleep, I will re-play my plan for tomorrow. Step by step.. from A to Z.. Dari satu ke satu kerja perlu di siapkan.. sampai kadang-kadang plan yang di rancang pun boleh lupa.. Lucky I have  my very best friend. my mum.. tolong ingatkan. Nak gelak pun ada bila benda yang aku sniri kata OK.. at last aku gak yang out of track. Mak.. thank you for being there for me.. and always.. How can I repay you mum? hmm.. entah macam mana aku balas pun tak terbalas.. Tuhan sahaja yang tahu. Anak derhaka la aku kalau aku buat tak endah dengan orang tua aku kalau dorang tua nanti.. (always remember that!!). Well sapa lagi aku nak buat baik with.. kalau bukan mak bapak kan.. rebutlah peluang selagi ada.. ini pun selagi mereka masih hidup.. masa nih laa aku bleh buat baik.. and menadah doa restu dorang..

If mak abah dah tak dak… siapa lagi nak doakan kesejahteraan hidup aku.. ? terkontang kantinglah aku.. I should and always remember that. I heard somewhere.. don’t know whether it is from hadith, quran or apa2.. Jika tiada pencipta (Allah) dalam dunia nih, maka orang selayaknya disembah ialah our parents. Well.. aku pun bukan tahu sangat bab agama nih.. bersekolah agama pun tak pernah.. to understand arabic pun haram laa aku tahu. Sniri mau ingat. Aku rasa aku hidup senang and selamat nih pun berkat doa mak and abah.. otherwise.. hmm I donno..

Sekarang, aku di minggu2 terakhir class.. sampai hujung bulan.. and then.. exam.. rasa nak cepatkan aje masa.. kasi exam habis cepat..(harap2 aku tak boring masa cuti nanti) plus kakak aku nya permintaan yang perlu di kirim before 26 oct. adus.. nasib baik abang aku tolong skit.. dari kiriman kuih raya, spek baru kak sila, spek aku yang kena pijak dek anak gajah, road tax kete and insuran yang nak kena renew, air-cond compressor aku, ke CD E-book yang abang ipar aku request. Harap-harap semuanya under control.

Good day all. 🙂

Ubuntu anyone?

Aku tak terikut sangat dengan new IT technology, but since i am the IP (Information Professional) dalam mimpi jee in this project aku selalu dapat perlbagai info on the latest tech. Secara tak lansung.. aku menjadi orang pertama gak la yang tahu.. di antara orang lain.  🙂

One thing the i want to know is about UBUNTU. One of the glamarous free OS. Kalau ikut nama yang dell kasi kat aku, is Ubuntu Linux. Definitely kawan2 aku yang lain tak tahu nak support benda alah nih cam ner, since this Linux, yang selalunya di gunakan sebagai OS dalam server now it comes in Desktop or laptop (model yang memahal la.. like XPSM1330, M1530, Inspiron 1420N. Untuk Vostro model hmm aku tak sure.. Vostro nih quite latest nyer model mungkin tak sempat test utk Ubuntu) Aku baru dapat CD Ubuntu semalam dari orang Penang. Benda nih tahun lepas dah ada.. tapi kat Malaysia nih kiranya orang kita baru nak pakai and orang2 kita tahu lah nak support lagu mana.  Aku rasa ok linux Ubuntu nih.. dah la free, reliable.. probably satu hari nanti apa jadik pada windows yek?.. aa beruntungnya orang yang dapat keje macam mana nak buat sesuatu applikasi itu menjadi user-friendly and canggih macam MS office 2007.

Sayangnya aku memang dari dulu tak pernah involve dalam program-memprogramme nih.. so the kesian.. tapi my luv for programming ada laa dalam 6.5 over 10. i like C++. So sesapa yang rasanya duit terlebih, nak ngetest this OS.. bolehlah berbuat demikian. 🙂

3rd, 4th and 5th days of Ramadan

Tuesday was the second day of puasa. I was not able to break my fast together with mak and abah at my lovely house. hmm.. what a heavy rained, it was so watery on the road, when i was on my way to my car. I just bought a kueh tiow goreng basah, for my buka puasa, and 2 tinned of beverages, that i bought from the Shell petrol pam. It was Pn Hamidah’s class.. class ended at 1100pm.. at the end of the class i feel that there was no more energy in me..my eyes and my voice was a bit hmm husky..and tak keluar dah when i say bye to sue…. i was the only car on the road.. along the way to Glenmarie bt 3. hmm serious tak de kereta.. tak pernah aku balik selewat ini dari class.

Bila sampai rumah aku flat giler.. tapi tak dapat tido terus.. lepak dekat sofa.. bila mata hampir tak boleh nak bukak.. aku ke bilik air, bersihkan diri, solat and terus tidur.  Wednesday was the day i had my Mandarin class. arrh next week test and listening test.. aucchh.. lepas nih kena speaking mandarin.. but i still dont have a confident to talk to my users.. adoii.. just a simple conversation tuh bleh la.. aucch.. ihiks. Lunch hour break on wednesday, boss aku ajak pi berjemaah kat masjid SS15.. hmm aku pun follow.. since last Monday, i had to refuse due to my physio’s appointment. Seronok jugak berjemaah dekat masjid tuh, hmm at least terluang skit masa untuk benda2 baik di bulan ramadan nih. Berbuka puasa with a milo and twiggies in my mandarin class with the rest of my classmates. Continued with Ho laoshi up to 8pm. Habis class solat magrib and terus balik rumah. It was totally darked, mak and abah went out to nearest surau for terawikh.. dua hari aku tak solat terawikh.

Thursday morning.. lepas subuh i’ve connected to VPN.. to access my office network dari rumah, buat report awal so that aku tak stuck dekat office lama2.. plus thursday and friday memang tak der class sepanjang ramadan nih..aaa alhamdulillah. class semua dah di ganti. Thought nak hantar assignment hmm malas nyer nak drive ke campus dalam keadaan hujan dan jamm nih. Belum tentu aku boleh berbuka kat rumah. 1730 aku cabut dari office. report untuk meeting on friday dah siap awal.. huhuh.. syiok. Kali nih boss dell dah tukar orang lain.. hmm havent had a chance to talk to her.. cam ne ye orang nyer. (lain orang lain ragamnya n lain caranya).. Sampai dekat bawah rumah, aku call mak suh turun, mak ajak pi pharmacy berdekatan untuk beli ubat yang dia terlupa nak claimed from UMMC. Wow.. jalan sesak sekitar pasar ramadan kat kawasan umah aku.. sesak. Ramai orang. tapi hati nih tak teringin nak beli.. hmm aku bab nak membeli juadah berbuka nih.. fussy.. (susah betul orang cerewet nih).. aku lebih suka masakan kat rumah.. Balik dari pharmacy, jam dah kul 1845.. mak singgah kat kedai bawah rumah untuk beli kuih sampan untuk abah. Mahal betul kuih muih sekarang… satu 40 sen.. fuh.. nasib baik aku tak berapa enjoy makan kuih-muih.. hmm melainkan yg mak buat sniri jugak yang best.

Aku naik rumah, mak mintak tolong aku buatkan ikan stim… recepi aku yang sempoi.. since nak dekat berbuka, aku singkatkan lengan baju, action.. hahah sempoi. aku pi gatal letak ikan one side and ayam one side. hmm just add, chopped onion, garlic, ginger, oyster sauce, a bit chili sauce, soya sauce, cili padi (mak suka pedas2) about 3 to 4 chopped.. broncoli, carrot and tofu telur (hmm best). A bit salt and pepper di salut ke ikan n ayam. Dah beres.. changed cloths and ready untuk berbuka. Senang giler. And i got compliment from mak.. taraaa.. muahahahah

Lepas berbuka.. ala kadar.. duduk sat 5 minutes, bersihkan diri, solat magrib and bersiap ke surau. Abah dah charlos dulu ke surau awal. aku berjalan seiringan ngan mak… Apakahh mengantuk giler masa dekat surau.. ingatkan habis solat mata aku ok.. akhirnya dalam almost 10pm.. aku dah masuk bilik and tidur sampai pagi..  aaa.. mungkin terganti tidur2 aku yang tak cukup hari tuh. syiok..

It’s friday today.. waaaa best.. hujung minggu.. have a nice weekend everybody..  😀

Online gathering

Hujung minggu yang aku boleh tafsirkan sebagai paling sambil lewa… aku betul2 free and tak buat apa2. Kecederaaan mengakibatkan aku tidak boleh bergerak aktif. hmm esok appointment with doctor kat SJMC dah set. aku pun dah apply cuti awal2.. supaya tidak menyusahkan kawan-kawan dekat office. Insya allah ada masa.. habis rawatan aku.. aku akan singgah ke office. Serba salah pulak aku.. since aku yang menjadi kaki and tangan Inaz yang sedang bercuti kahwin dekat Balik Pulau, Penang. Selamat Pengantin baru Inaz. 🙂 . Wishing you all the best and cherish with happiness for your brand new life.

Petang tadi.. setelah sekian lama, tak berconference dengan kakak aku.. Kami sekeluarga berweb-cam online MY-NZ. RIndunya dekat orang sana. Muka Kakak aku bertambah bulat.. Mak kata dah macam muka aku. Muahahah. Kakak aku yang baru keguguran kandungannya yang berusia dua bulan telah di nasihatkan oleh mak.. untuk berpantang.. Hmm aku tak tahu pulak.. orang keguguran pun kena berpantang.. ihiks. Tapi kakak aku jenis.. selamba. Dulu masa kakak aku lahirkan Mikhael.. after 8 days dah keluar berjalan pegi berhari raya sekitar kota London. Walau di tegah.. hmm tak jalan gak kakak aku nih..

Rupa Misya and Mikhael.. makin lain dan makin mature pulak aku tengok.. Mikhael tak habis2 cerita pasal sekolahnya, online gamenya and perkara mengarut yang dia habiskan dengan adik. Hampir sejam kami online and webcam.. terubat rindu mak and abah. Adik aku kata Mihkael dok bercakap omputih di corong speaker… agak kelu bila nak bertutur dalam bahasa.. same goes to misya.. Misya Joe ikut slang New Zealanders. And Mikhael sound a bit jelaous, when i told him that i’m learning Mandarin.. Katanya dia dah lupa. i asked him..” Mikhael buleh kecek Kelate dok?”.. hehe he replied. ” skit skit..”

Habis conference, aku, adik and Hidayah drove to SJMC. Ambik Ibu Hidayah. Hidayah happy sangat bila aku bawak dia jalan-jalan waktu petang.. Seronok, walaupun sekajap sangat. Thought nak bawak Hidayah jalan dekat Taman Tasik Subang Jaya.. hmm kesihatan ku tak berapa mengizinkan. Probably lain kali. Mak pun terpaksa menunda tuntutan nak pi shopping skit untuk raya hari lain.. tergendala..