Lama nyer tak blogging… Heloo there

Few days ago i was browsing through the Mr Google about MRT – Molecular Reform Therapy. Am not a doctor.. but am looking for a recipe or some kind of guide how to live longer – not just that, but meaningful live – in other words quality health and decease free.. sounds like impossible, especially when i watched “It is real Season 3” at Nat Geo .(You guys have to watch it.. scary.. microbe, viruses and bacteria re-engineered spreading and bla bla)   Below is what i found about the longevity and MRT concept.. maybe just one of it kot.. The father of MRT is Linus Pauling – fortunately this fellow is the only person on earth that obtained the Nobel price.. TWICE.. walla.. hebat otak dia.. he himself died @93.. wow ye.. betul after all ajal juga maut di tangan tuhan.. but this is the ikhtiar.. kita ikhtiar.. then only allah grant it..

Happy reading – Credit to > By Micheal lam, MD, MPH. Incredible Vitamin C – the last interview with Dr Linus Pauling