Jalan-jalan and Raya 2011

This year, 2011.. banyak activity jalan-jalan yang aku buat.. and as well as my photos collections hmm *:)

Long Beach – Perhentian kecil in April 2011.. A short trip of 3days and 2nights, second trip with kak sila’s family since they’re back for good after 4 years in NZ.. masing-masing rasa tak puas enjoy pulau perhentian.. just me and adik, flew back to KB and once arrived in kak sila’s house, we watched the Avatar in a blur ray version.. cantik gils, on the same day.. to perhentian kecil from jetty Kuala besut *:)

Somewhere at a hill-view in Langkawi.. background is the Langkawi Airport. Unplanned trip, during school holiday May 2011. it was fun with Kak li’s family and my niece’s cousins..

Dusk @ Ao-Nang beach in Krabi.. the most exciting moment i had with my friend. Nida.. the scenic was so stunning and subhanallah..Thanks for being my best travel buddy. lain kali kita jalan lagi *:)

Volcano sight-seeing, The Tangkuban Perahu, in Bandung in July 2011. Exactly a week before ramadan 1432H.. Nice trip with my classmates and a lecturer-turn-tour-guide. We also went to several nice shopping places, lots of factory outlets, cozy and relaxing dining places such as Kampung Daun-cultural cafe, Lisung Cafe, street-fav-stall Super Gizi and fabulous street-restaurant that served great ikan bakar..  *:)

The great Raya 2011 picture on 30th August.. hmm all gathered.. best sangat after 4 years without kak sila’s family… Perfecto

End of sem 7

almost to an end, i am waiting for my last battle.. with pen, paper and my brain. Next week. Insya Allah. Since evening classes was no more on my schedule… i’ve a chance to spend more time at home.. sembang2 dengan mak and abah.. and thanks mak and abah.. for giving me times and let me concentrates of my studies.. not forgotten adik.. for taking over few of my weekends task.. such as.. bawak mak pi pasar.. entertaining mak to nearest pasar malam, bawak mak and abah balik kampung.. thanks to kak ila, who always brought abah to his nutrition classes every weeks…  hmm what more can i say.. they are people who have made my life a lot easier.. Thanks Allah for giving me alot of blessing and these people in my life.. Without them around me.. i am nothing.. and i may not achieve anything..

Mom’s cook: “Loves” that heal

It is just Tuesday today and it is Federal Territories birthday.. for KL and Labuan.. this morning before am taking my morning bath,  i drove my car with Mak to nearest wet market. Pasar basah. To prepare special “lauk” for this weekend. There’s nothing special event, it is just that.. we are anxiously waiting for arrival of my sis and family from NZ.. after 4 years being away from Malaysia.. aahh.. we really miss them so much..

Nothing fancy menu requested by my sister and my brother in law.. through googletalk..

My Sis “Kin.. nanti suruh mak masak tauchu dengan ikan kembong.. letak timun byk2, rindu nak makan lauk tauchu mak”

Bro-in-law  ” Akak ko suh order makan.. haha.. nanti suruh mak masak sotong krak-kruk sambal and peria goreng..”

Me  ” Misha and Mikhael nak makan apa..?”

Bro-in-law “dorang makan je apa mak bapak dorang makan”

Kadang-kadang.. rasa seronok duduk jauh2.. once in a blue moon balik kampung.. in my case.. rumah mak aku bukan kampung.. tapi boleh laa.. hmm make everybody miss u that much.. best je kan.. ? Tapi once dah jauh.. hmm rasa nak menangis pun ada..

There are really homesick.. and miss mom’s cook very much.. and i know why.. otherwise my sis won’t be calling us once in a week..She has been there for 4 years.. since 2007 May.. sekarang they are coming home.. HOME Westlife version…..My niece (Misha’s) favorite song.. I miss misha.. i miss mikhael.. We will gather again together.. hureyy. *:)

P/s: Mom’s cook healed your misery.. agree? hehehe enjoy it.. as long as you can.

Gambar Semata *:)

Lama nya tak post apa.. Jom.. entry bergambar..

This one.. is the round table discussion on Oct 15, 2010.. hmm tak brp hengget but something to do with plan of budgeting for 2011..Atendees.. Inaz, Laiyee, Imran, Ivy, Molly, Zainal, Huazlee and i


This is the selected menu yg aku pilih @Chilis on my Birthday.. Nov 14. kak eila belanja.. hmm tapi sayang.. Chilis ka Empire ni.. not up to my expectation.. the broccoli was overcooked.. the chicken is not that juicy.. and hard.. overall..i just enjoyed my chit-chatting session with kak eila.. apa2 pun mungkin sudah itu rezeki aku hari itu.. Earlier.. aku belanja kak Eila ke spa…glad that she like it..


Ini.. Birthday cake aku.. hmm sure la aku beli sniri.. aku letak nama kak ila.. with salam aidiladha.. it was on Nov 17.. bersempena raya haji skali.. Kebetulan birthday aku ikut calendar hijrah pun fall on 23 Zulhijjah… *:) dah since anak2 sedara aku ada and ramai itu.. elok sangat la tuh..tak lah membazir aku beli cake sebesar nih.. at least ada orang tolong habiskan. bagus bagus bagus… sedap banget.. blueberry cheese from Secret Recipe.. wallaa. The one candle represent 1 year added to 30.. huhuhu


Tengah tunggu makanan.. Malam raya haji on Nov 17.. paling hujung berkopiah putih pak haji Abdul Wahab is the HOF. (Head of family) dari dua orang ahli pastu tambah 6 orang ahli lagi.. pastu tambah tambah lagi… waa ramai.. since kami dah boring dok makan rendang siang hari.. bila malam semua kata nak mkn nasi.. hmm kami pun 1 kereta and 2 mpv pergi ke Muara.. hmm mana lagi kalau bukan Tanjung Harapan.. tapi aku kecewa betul.. aku nak mintak Ikan masak mango sauce takdak.. butter prawn pun tak dak.. aa sedih, dah lama aku teringin makan butter prawn.mana nak carik?..


This was on Nov 20.. Majlis kahwin sepupu aku kat Alor Setar.. people claimed laksa kat sini sedap.. hmm tapi kuah laksa dia tak mencapai tahap taste tekak aku.. what was unique about this kedai is the sambal kelapa.. added into the kuah laksa.. mcm pelik skit but still ok.. apa2 pun.. maybe this is the signature laksa kat sini kot.. hmm however masa nih aku dah nak balik turun ke Ipoh.. orang kata laksa Kuala Perlis lagi kaw.. hmm lain tahun laa aku bleh sampai sana tapi punya bercinta driving ke Alor Setaq.. awat la jauh narr… sib baik paklang aku jadik back up driver..


Haa.. ini dekat rumah kak sedara nyer husband.. hmm kebetulan.. dia ada kat sana.. and this spectacular view.. was taken exactly depan simpang masuk rumah kak ana.. wahh can u see the menara alor setar.. kat tengah2.. sayup jek. helo.. ini bukan camera canggih kayy.. my camera phone nokia Xpress music jee.. so buat2 la nampak ye.. hehehe


Haa.. i went to IKEA on Maal Hijrah.. This one for my bedroom.. kesian.. buku2 aku.. dia nak rumah baru.. *:)


Ini pun utk bilik aku..


Ini (hemnes wall bridging) untuk dining hall.. dah tanya mak.. hehe she approved it..


ini lagi kemas rasanya dari yg zig-zag tuh kan..?


The End


GoodBye and Alfatihah Opah..

Halu precious..

How are you? i am very sorry.. i could not write anything.. since 20th mac.. i was away.. away to Ipoh.. Opah has just passed away.. I really want to drive up to Ipoh that Wednesday (24/03), but since i am stuck with my class, and assignment that i need to submit on the same day.. i was in class for 10 minutes.. then i received phone call from Acik, cried horribly.. and told me that opah had passed away.. I immediately.. rush out from class.. that coincidentally finished @ 20:00.. i just put my written assignment on my lecturer’s desk and i walked out.. i could not stop my tears at that moment.. immediately performed my Magrib prayer and drive back home. Adik already at home packing.. me, i just changed cloths and drive off to Ipoh… two cousins were with us in a car.. sometime we are so quiet sometimes we talked and talked about funny stories about Opah.. and i can’t just handle the tears falling… let it be.. let it be..

Opah been paralyzed for 2 weeks.. the very first week.. when she was first unable to talk, and move half of her body, at that time, we were rushed back on one Sunday.. she was hospitalized for a week… now all her pain has gone.. and we know that, this is best for her.. not able to drink even a sip.. can’t even eat for the whole 3 weeks.. Doctor had tries few times.. trying and forcing the tube into her mouth.. but still unsuccessful.. it is quite sad when we were away from your beloved family and you had to bare this moment by urself.. the only thing you can do is just.. Al-fatihah….. my sister, i really had to tell her. and she called a day after and was crying helplessly…. i was like.. telling my self that.. doctors aren’t doing their best in treating Opah.. but on the other side.. i kept telling it to myself.. it is her destiny that she had to experience the pain before she died..probably to brush off her sins..

Precious, i still can’t help to stop my tears.. Al- fatihah.. very fortunate for Opah.. she was buried exactly beside her late husband that had passed away for more than 37 years.. Atta (atuk) must be very happy.. and Opah as well.. Once, she told me and my sis, that if one day, she was no longer in this world, she would like to be buried beside her husband.. isn’t it lovely.. Cinta sehidup, Semati.. Buried beside your love one.. what more you want.. when you already a dead body? What things that you think would help you down there? nothing..except.. Dua’, our iman and our jariah.. i supposed Opah is resting in peace right now.. Insya Allah..


New Moon? New Opportunity?

Sem break now.. hmm received SMS from Nazirah.. “Salam kak Ekin, Result keluar hari nih ke..?” Opss.. aku yang tak tahu and tak terpikir pun.. sentap je aku rasa.. simply i replied..” Donno Eira… tapi kalau tak silap hujung bulan nih kita reg balik”.

New Moon, New House, New Sem, New Job?

Habis hal SMS.. aku pi rerajin pulak bukak email office… hmm terbaca satu email.. hmm hai la hati.. kenapa pulak kali ini.. Another opportunity dok coming to me.. tapi kenapa kaki aku seakan terikat.. ee tak boleh jadi nih.. hmm aku ke yang lembut sangat.. or i should say. ” if ada rezeki.. insya allah.. berpindah lah aku”.. dillema aku kali nih..

Musim cuti nih pun.. dillema pasal carik rumah.. sejak mula cuti aku dok browse dari satu developer ke satu developer.. dari satu agent ke satu agent.. dari iproperties ke mudah.my.  Aku pun macam nak muntah carik umah kat popular webpage. Bila dah dapat rumah yang aku rasa sesuai, i’ll email my sister, tunggu reply from her.. baru laa aku go on.. so aku la yang memilih, menilik mengikut budget yang diberi.. Setiap hujung minggu aku, mak, adik and some time with kak ila, keluar jalan-jalan carik rumah. hmm Kakak aku suh aku carik rumah.. untuk aku dan mak abah di sini.. tujuaannya kakak aku nak bagi mak and abah rasa selesa sikit … hmm maklum la umah yang dok sekarang kecik.. just nice for 4 family members.. if datang askar2 kakak aku… askar2 abang aku.. hmm rumah tuh dah penuh.. itu pasal la kakak aku suh carik corner house..

Ada hari tuh pi ke Bandar Bukit Raja.. tak la jauh mana dari office aku.. hmm tapi corner house yang kakak aku berkenan sudah habis di jual.. aku lewat seminggu ajer.. because a week before.. aku sesat jalan carik sales officenya.. maklum la tak biasa ngna klang.. so pikir punya pikir.. yang ada pun umah tengah.. family aku pun family besar.. so sangat laa tak sesuai.. Mak dok perli aku.. ” hai hari nih tak carik rumah”… aa aku rasa aku addicted and rasa seronok pulak.. tapi rumit la pilih rumah.. aku dah rasa macam pilih hubby-to-be aje hahaha (serious .. i tell u ). mana tak nya.. nak rumah tepi.. budget sekian sekian… dapat single story pun dah ok.. a walking distance from masjid or at least surau.. maklum lah abah aku OKU.. tak boleh nak bergantung ngan pertolongan orang.. senang if abah bleh jalan kaki ke masjid.. if aku keje cam ner nak hantar abah aku pi solat jumaat pulakk..  so many things to consider.. mmg betul laa.. pilih umah macam nak pilih suami-to-be.. hahaha

Ada la sebuah umah kat bangi.. hmm betul2 depan masjid.. tapi umah tuh dah tua sangat 20 thn.. plus leasehold pulak.. rumah tepi.. tapi adik aku kata umah tuh.. pagarnya nak kena di naikkan.. pasal tepinya cerun skit and cost agak tinggi..  susah kan..? hmm Kakak aku pun dah pesan suh carik area kajang or bangi.. janji dekat ngan UPM or UKM.. katanya senang nanti if dia nak berulang alik ke Uni. Janji aku boleh berulang alik ke tempat kerja sekarang.  Baiknya kakak aku.. hmm dia bagi aku duduk situ andai kata mak n abah tak dak pun.. dia pun dok and akan keje kat KB bila balik.. Bila dah jumpa rumah yang ideal.. hmm agent tuh pulak macam payah jee nak uruskan.. maklumlah ownernya tak der di sini.. and aku pun tak sure ETA for government loan nih lama mana…agent tuh kata.. gomen loan so delay maa.. u wanna pay cash or bank loan?.. (dalam hati aku kata.. ” uikk ada kaa orang beli umah cash..” ) hahaha maklum laaa aku bukan jenis chop duit.. *:)

sekarang nih.. musim cuti nak habis dah.. adoii seram pulak nak masuk sem baru.. lepas nih aku lagi busy laa.. adoi sakit kepala datang lagi.. pressure skit nak tgk result nih.. ya allah.. cam ner ngan result aku..?

Selamat hari lahir Mak… *:)

The awaited Monday has come… adoi.. it reminds me alot of work. work.. and work..Whatever it is.. this is the day that i wished for.. otherwise. hari lain tak sampai.

This tuesday, would be my mum’s birthday (the 63th).. hmm alahai.. kesiannya aku pulak ada plan lain.. nonton teater.. aku ajak mak.. katanya tak mahu.. ticket yang sudah dibeli awal sebulan. Will be going with Jue.. Thanks for inviting Jue. Nak harap aku.. bab2 entertainment nih.. aku dah macam terputus dengan banyak sources nya.. nak lagu latest.. aku tengok chart kat newspaper ajer.. hahaha.. pastu download.. if lagu2nya best, baru beli CD.. huhuhu

Lepas tengok teater nak pi tengok New Moon pulak.. tengok hujung minggu nih pagi2.. pun best.. pegi awal pagi.. tengok first show of the day.. best..

Hari jadi mak on Tuesday.. hmm rasa nak masak special untuk mak this weekend… kebanyakkan yang aku try and invented mak suka.. hehehe.. compliment paling best.. dari mak lah.. paling best bila mak request aku untuk buat benda yang dia suka.. Mak suka aku punya, tuna sandwich, ikan siakap tiga rasa, steam fish style aku.. she like it too.. spaghetti chicken or beef bolognese recipe tomato sauce sniri.. what else.. fruit salad.. pun dia suka.. mesti mak suka kan.. eee without u, i am nothing mak..

Insya Allah.. I’ll make this weekend urs, mak.. *:)