Time is running out

Accidentally, i have two pending and unfinished drafts. Hmm me looking at it.. read it and deleted. Not knowing what to type and why should i continue with these stories… am not gifted to be a storyteller.. but am gifted to write whenever i feel/needs to write. (Apo aku mengarut nih)

This whole weekdays i spent it for my working hours and studies.. Revision? i need it so much.. but whenever i touch those books.. i can’t even start it right away.. (apsal aku macam nih aaa?) For this whole days.. i think, most of it.. i spent it on my bed.. (kenapa aku jadi malas? ). must be something wrong, somewhere..(i guess). I really need to go thru Huayu notes and exercise.. (kenapa aku rasa malas macam nih… Ya allah help me) Otherwise.. laoshi aku naik berang

Bulan august already. i guess this month, i will be getting more and more busy at work and school. (Aduii.. banyak benda nak buat). Mak aku untuk kesekian kalinya, remind me to quit from FF. This is because.. i dont even have any free slot.. for my excercise @ gym. Sayang. company aku dah bagi kemudahan.. tapi aku yang tak der masa. last month, i just visited FF, once.. this month, ZERO. (Kesian aku) I think i should stop and remove this FF from my schedule, as of now. Probably this month will be my last month. (Or maybe this would be my second months of ZERO-visit). Anyways.. class gym kat office aku pun aku tak pernah joint. Usually on Tuesday and Thursday after 1800.(Aku ada class, macam mana nak masuk class tuh) I think, my mum was right. I need to let go this. You can’t do everything that you want at one time. (Semua nak.. cam tamak plak..)

Pernah tak terpikir.. time is running out.. it is like… you already have your own scheduled.. you executed it.. but at the same time… your head is thinking.. where am i supposed to find a time.. to suite this and that plan? have you ever feel like.. that..whatever you have in your head.. should be done earlier before you are here (at your current situation). Fhm tak ? (hmm kadang2 ayat aku merapu.. hmm if fhm. ok lah.. tak fhm.. no problemo.)

Sharing is caring… Thanks in advanced.

Huayu = Mandarin language
Laoshi = lecturer/Teacher

Title or Story?

hahaha.. aku baru perasan kat my previous 2 entries ada smiley face.. Probably kehabisan idea nak tulis title.. 🙂

Yeah to be honest, actually yang paling susah is to put on the title for each entry.. usually i chose and key in those titles, once i’ve done typing all the stories.. hehehe.. and the title will be a kind of my whole conclusion.. (seriously.. aku rasa letak tajuk yang paling payah.. ) and if possible, i dont want to have same title in each entries, twice. (Hmm hopefully not) Unless.. Hehe if i accidentally posted a song twice.. because i always want the title to be of my own standard. The format should be in tag like this <the song title><space><space><singer/group name>.. for example.. like this or this entry.

Hahaha.. cerewet.? memang aku cerewet. muahahah

So.. how did u decide about ur entry’s title..? which one comes first.. is it the story or the title. ? 🙂

I’m feeling it now.. the impact of fuel price hike.

Since the day one of fuel price hike.. today is my first day.. giving away my RM62 just for 23 liters of petrol rather than RM43, previously. Fuuuhhh.. for the first time.. i’m feeling the pain.. aduss.. can you imagine those people who always fulfilling their fuel tank? serious sakit.. Always.. always.. the word is always.. no wonder.. when i browsed through the internet there are so many stories about sacrifies… Why sacrify?.. it’s about fuel and its cost. no kidding.. life is changing damn rapidly… silap orang boleh dapat stress tahap cipan..

How are we suppose to change our life, if our current condition right now, is so-so… not to say kais pagi makan pagi.. but.. just so-so. (Alhamdulillah).. Can you share with me?.. What are those things that you can think.. that probably we might change or reduce .. just to ensure that life’s OK in our current imbalance situation now

boleh bagi idea? Please and kindly drop in your idea(s) – if any. 😀

Life is getting tougher and toughest..

Who do you think the most suitable person (supposedly) to be in that room?

yesterday morning.. i brought my mum to the UHKL. hm now the name has been changed.. UMMC iguess.. pegi sana just to check on her blood. Went to the ground level.. after the tunnel, turn right. Lucky aku dapat parking senang..

After a while, mum’s number been called. go to bilik 5. hmm you know what.. i not trying to fool anybody here..but i am totally annoyed with the practitioners.. aku rasa dorang doctor pelatih.. Boleh tak dorang dok cucuk tangan mak aku berkali-kali (dua-dua) belah plak tuh.. tapi tak dapat keluarkan darah.. Aku pernah tengok kakak aku bekerja kat blood lab dulu.. cekap giler.. (yaa i know that’s her job..) but come on la.. u will be a profesional called doctor.. tak rasa malu ke.. buat macam tuh…(not convincing enough) masa aku tengah tunggu dekat luar.. aku boleh dengar dorang dok tepuk2 tangan patients.. (kuat plak tuh) hmm compared dengan my sister nyer lab dulu.. aku duduk berjam kat situ.. (pada satu ketika..) aku tak dengar pun dorang buat macam tuh (once in a while aje.. bila ada patients yang uratnyer memang tak nampak) tapi kat sini.. boleh katakan kerap or hampir semua buat macam tuh.. bukan ke.. benda tuh just a simple steps as tighten the arm (upper elbow).. ambik jarum, cucuk and tarik keluar fresh red blood..?

From what i saw at the hospital yesterday.. aku jadi.. (Duhh…?) dorang tuh (doctor pelatih) memang patut diletak kat situ atau patutnyer pekerja lab yang patut duduk situ?.. aku rasa kalau aku jadi mak aku.. sure aku dah bangun.. meleleh air mata sakit.. mak aku kata…. alasan yang dorang bagi is.. “urat tuh bergerak-gerak tak duduk diam”.. ahhh.. ? Aku rasa to smoothen the operation.. nak pulak kat hospital semi gomen yang memang jadi tumpuan dan ramai orang… sepatutnyer letak laa.. orang yang dah biasa ngan perkara cucuk cucuk nih.. kesian patients kayy.. aku tengok muka mak pun.. dah macam rasa menahan sakit.. Akhirnya dorang cucuk kat belakang permukaan tangan…lama mak aku kat dalam tuh.. sampai dua orang try cucuk tangan mak.. the second lady nampak ok. Mak aku yang tak bersekolah tinggi pun pelik.. ” Kenapa dorang susah sangat nak ambik darah.. “? ( sign.. Pelik)

jam 0900 kami keluar dari UHKL. Aku bawak mak pi breakfast, drop her at nearest shop depan rumah, aku terus drove ke office..

Yellowish and Marooner

Lunch hour i went to a bank, withdrawn some money and went to another bank and bank in some money.. Bayar hutang.. 😀

A funny thing is, last week i went to a yellowish bank, konon nak tolong kawan bayarkan duit kereta, bank account number pulak takder. I asked the front desk staff, simply dia tanya aku car plat #. Aku pun bagi la.. he printed out a statement with an account bank #. Selamat aku, senang je pegi cash depo machine and bank in. Few bank dia allowed car registration number, but this yellowish bank tak allowed.. lucky me ada orang yang menyenangkan kerja aku.

But today, during lunch hour, Aku withdrawn duit from ATM machine, konon nak masukkan ke account lain, under the same bank, Account number aku tak simpan lagi dalam handphone aku, so i thought i asked the staff and help me to obtain my other account number, but failed. Even when she tried to find me thru my full name or my IC number pun, it does not show any bank account. IC pun aku bagi. Dekat sini aku dah nampak.. berapa tak efficientnya marooner bank nih. Pelik. Takkan the system could not trace the IC number and view whatever account that i have in this bank. Pelik kan.. Is it because of system access/limitation, due to she is a front desk staff… tapi dekat bank yang yellowish tuh ok je.. senang je front desk staff tuh tolong aku..

Mana silap dia yek.. Ke staff tuh yang tak reti guna system tuh.. hmm nampak ok je she handle the system. laju jer aku tengok.. Dah tak boleh tuh, aku malas nak susahkan orang, so aku kata, hm it’s ok then.. tak pe.  😀 and aku keluar dari marooner bank itu.

Dari dulu lagi memang aku dapat bezakan service kat bank yang yellowish and marooner nih.. yellowish always trying harder and ensure that the customer is well serve at anytime, tak kira peak or non peak hours… yang marooner, aku tak tahu mana silapnya.. banyak kali tukar nama.. tapi service sama je macam dulu.. slow..

So which one is your choice? Yellowish or Marooner