Macam biasa.. Hari raya aku beraya dekat ipoh.. Best thing about raya is berkumpul ramai2 masa 1 or 2 days sebelum masuk 1 syawal… Biasanya bila dah masuk satu syawal… Paling lama nak cuti pun 3 hari je.. Raya ke-4 dah seeloknya bekerja.. Othwise macam boring.. Tak der apa sangat.. Itulah raya aku sejak usia 30s… Mungkin masa kanak-kanak dulu.. Dah puas beraya.. Kalau dekat kampung berjalan dari rumah ke rumah collect duit raya.. Bila dah usia gini.. Bagi duit raya pada setiap tetamu terutama tetamu warga emas dan Kanank2..

Umur cenggini bila Dah masuk syawal.. Dah plan bila nak start puasa syawal plk.. Insya allah..

Korang sambut raya camner ye…?

MRT & Dr Linus Pauling – Last Interview with Dr Pauling (Vitamin C)

Lama nyer tak blogging… Heloo there

Few days ago i was browsing through the Mr Google about MRT – Molecular Reform Therapy. Am not a doctor.. but am looking for a recipe or some kind of guide how to live longer – not just that, but meaningful live – in other words quality health and decease free.. sounds like impossible, especially when i watched “It is real Season 3” at Nat Geo .(You guys have to watch it.. scary.. microbe, viruses and bacteria re-engineered spreading and bla bla)   Below is what i found about the longevity and MRT concept.. maybe just one of it kot.. The father of MRT is Linus Pauling – fortunately this fellow is the only person on earth that obtained the Nobel price.. TWICE.. walla.. hebat otak dia.. he himself died @93.. wow ye.. betul after all ajal juga maut di tangan tuhan.. but this is the ikhtiar.. kita ikhtiar.. then only allah grant it..

Happy reading – Credit to > By Micheal lam, MD, MPH. Incredible Vitamin C – the last interview with Dr Linus Pauling

Work from home


i’ve started working with my current company for more than 10 years ago.. starting at young age of 22 at a prestigious building like Petronas Twin Tower definitely an achievement.. even for a cleaner.. (Pemikiran orang muda sahaja ) … i still remember that the working hour was from 8 to 5 pm.. we enjoyed longer break hours on every Friday.. we enjoyed forced leave on Friday if the public holiday fall on Saturday.. and last but not least.. luxurious moment.. on every lunch hours.. (luxury ke?) boleh laa.. but at that time.. food price ( lunch – with main dish and sayur) was about RM5.90.. way back in 2002 – 2003.. Now the regular serving @food court on 4th floor of suria KLCC, minimal can be from Rm7.9 or maybe RM8.9 per plate.. hmm mahal..

After that, i was posted at TPM, supporting an international bank as a second level support for a project.. outlook transition.. best thing about this place.. no dress code.. you can put on any jeans.. t-shirt and sneakers.. best.. working hours.. 830 to 5pm.. asal cukup masa terus cabut..

then i went back to my HQ in subang.. having quite a month of break.. without any assignment and later i was park under my current bos post.. he was a TL at that time.. managing projects, PM.. Service assistant.. and etc etc.. until today.. i am still here.. hmm ( why am being so loyal? ) .. one office location tip top.. 6.2 KM aways from my home.. sometimes, i simply drive off to my house for lunch.. (jimat giler) and the working hours are flexible.. if you can come at 8am.. then you can leave the office by 4.30 .. if you want to start work at 9am.. then you can leave office by 530… simple as that..

Start this year.. we have started.. work from home policy.. i’ve tried it.. good.. provided there’s no ‘huge’ interruption.. hahaha right now.. i was the only daughter in the house.. and that is very ok.. and i managed to work.. just like am in my office.. am going to surrender my cubicle.. and i will be mobile and probably will occupy the hot-desking in USJ office.. taraa.. happy working all..

Key take aways… ( why i stay here) 

1. I love what am doing now, 

2. I love the location (between my house and office)

3. I love the office environment

4. I like the support given by my leader

5. I simply love my job..

6. I love my parents.

7. I love my house

8. I love my pay-day

9. I love the route where i drove everyday.. ( i tell you, nobody like federal highway.. unfortunately.. i like it.. there’s no jam to my office.. alhamdulillah.. if yes.. i’ll enjoy it)

10. I love being Me.. HERE.. *:)

Yang tersurat dan Tersirat


First time i heard this word tersirat.. was when i learnt about writing Rumusan in Bahasa Malaysia Class..

Now this is very.. i don’t know.. but i  kept thinking about it.. One evening.. after i took my wuduk it is not always for me to look into my mirror.. and it is unusual that am looking and checking thoroughly if there were any unusual spot or aging sign on my face.. then i said a prayer to allah.. for giving me such a very good look and skin.. subhanallah.. then my mind starts thinking.. will this look give me ways to go to jannah?.. and more other questions comes to my mind.. until.. i said to myself.. hmm i should look good to meet Allah.. I grab my olive oil bottle…. i rubbed my hands, face, neck, knees and elbows with it…. then i took my compact powder applied it a layer on my face.. wore my prayer cloth and start performing solat Asar..

At the end of my solah.. i think that i should recite one or two ayah from the quran.. recite one or two dua’.. then i take off my prayer cloth.. hmm ( tiba2 rasa panas.. ) and my mind said.. “eh.. aku nak baca quran.. ” i put it on again.. then i went to the book shelves.. about to reach the quran.. then my hand switched to the tafseer.. English quran translation printed in Houston, Texas…a gift from a friend.. (May allah bless her) i took it then i flipped to this page.. Surah Al-Qasas verses 19 – 28..i read it through.. and suddenly it reminds me of ateh.. ” She once told me and the rest of geng ngaji that.. ” if you feel.. something, uneasy, lonely and etc.. simply flip the quran and read.. and coincidentally.. what i was thinking… were something like the ayahs.. Subhanallah..

AlQasas 28(19 – 28)

And when he would have fallen upon the man who was an enemy unto them both, he said: O Moses! Wouldst thou kill me as thou didst kill a person yesterday? Thou wouldst be nothing but a tyrant in the land, thou wouldst not be of the reformers. (19) And a man came from the uttermost part of the city, running. He said: O Moses! Lo! the chiefs take counsel against thee to slay thee; therefor escape. Lo! I am of those who give thee good advice. (20) So he escaped from thence, fearing, vigilant. He said: My Lord! Deliver me from the wrongdoing folk. (21) And when he turned his face toward Midian, he said: Peradventure my Lord will guide me in the right road. (22) And when he came unto the water of Midian he found there a whole tribe of men, watering. And he found apart from them two women keeping back (their flocks). He said: What aileth you? The two said: We cannot give (our flocks) to drink till the shepherds return from the water; and our father is a very old man. (23) So he watered (their flock) for them. Then he turned aside into the shade, and said: My Lord! I am needy of whatever good Thou sendest down for me. (24) Then there came unto him one of the two women, walking shyly. She said: Lo! my father biddeth thee, that he may reward thee with a payment for that thou didst water (the flock) for us. Then, when he came unto him and told him the (whole) story, he said: Fear not! Thou hast escaped from the wrongdoing folk. (25) One of the two women said: O my father! Hire him! For the best (man) that thou canst hire is the strong, the trustworthy. (26) He said: Lo! I fain would marry thee to one of these two daughters of mine on condition that thou hirest thyself to me for (the term of) eight pilgrimages. Then if thou completest ten it will be of thine own accord, for I would not make it hard for thee. Allah willing, thou wilt find me of the righteous. (27) He said: That (is settled) between thee and me. Whichever of the two terms I fulfil, there will be no injustice to me, and Allah is Surety over what we say. (28)

Let’s get started

Lama dah tak blogging.. rindu..

let’s start with a short one..

i was on my way to office this morning.. earlier than usual.. since there will be a tadabbur Al-quran @08:00 in BPC room.. the flyover connected from NPE to Federal Highway was quite slow.. as usual the police traffic will alternatively stop cars from this flyover.. and as i stopped nicely lining up.. in a very nice row.. suddenly “knocking sounds from my left side mirror… “astaqfirullah”.. spontaneously.. and what a stupido motorcyclist.. not even a signal to apologize…duhh.. apakahhh

People who always apologize.. will spontaneously give that excuse signal… hmm nampak sgt motorcyclist tu tak kisah…

P/s: don’t be like me. says astaqfiruallah.. but then.. still labeled the motorcyclist  as a stupido.. why didn’t i take it as.. a test from allah.. hmm a note for thoughts..

Sudah ada UNIFI *:)

This is just to record that today is my first internet on UNIFI.. Tengah fikir benda apa yang nak didownload.. hehe banyak manfaatnya kalau aku continue study sekarang.. hmm… e-book.. and another thing nak carik e-reader.. yeah.. best nyer kalau dpt senang je bleh carry ebook.. tapi a reading will be very efficient when i’m in public transport… I had luxuries of times reading books, mag and novel masa pegi keje naik LRT.. imagine.. from Kelana Jaya Station to KLCC.. walla…  i can finish a novel minimum in 3 days..best giler…

Now i have about more than 10 books.. that i bought.. but i haven’t start reading any of it.. alamat boleh tengok.. belai.. and peluk sebelum tidur.. bookshelve pun dah penuh.. and another book fair coming to town.. soon..Anak sedara ajak pegi.. hmm hehehe.. nak kumpul collection lain laa… i wish i could have a small library in my house.. hmm not this house.. umah nih kecik.. tapi alhamdulillah inilah tempat berteduh sementara ada rezeki kerja aku dekat sini.. *:)

Alhamdulillah.. nak carik kerja lain.. hmm sayang kerja sini.. i like what am doing now.. no longer technical more to management dah.. kalau tukar kerja pun.. join gov ke.. sure gaji berganda kecik.. tapi the question is.. if only i can continue my study and still work here.. i may be on a waiting list becoming the next next CKO hahaha (berangan.. ) kena ada angan-angan skit.. *:) ..


A Monday morning with heavy traffic..with long and dragged meeting. Alhamdulillah managed to arrive early, just have to wait for the vendor to come and discuss about new project and new initiative for me.. it was first kick-off. Tiring but satisfied.. Insya allah everything will be OK.

In the middle of the discussion.. one of my “undecided” non-muslim friend said.. ” the maintain type KPI, is like you maintaining to perform 5 times prayers in a day..” and i see that the vendor acknowledged what is maintain type KPI..

Ya Allah, i just wish that someday.. or tomorrow your hidayah for my undecided friend.. will never stop.. i pray that she could join us.. and claimed her syahadah.. and i wish i could always have the opportunities to have good chat with her again and again..

Allah (SWT) says here: “Verily, you guide not whom you like, but Allah guides whom He wills. And He knows best those who are guided.”(Al-Qasas)

What i Want

Lama tak menaip dekat sini.. and i really really miss to write something.. to write about something that is close to me.. close to my heart..

Enough about cerita raya.. which i can tell.. my raya is just so-and-so.. tapi the best part is.. this year we gathered all of our family members.. and as usual bbq party on second raya. Kesian kak ngah, auntie tak letak pun lagi gambar raya in facebook.. sorry dear..busy and i wasn’t fit enough this puasa and raya..

last week, dekat tempat kerja aku..kitaorang organized nak buat potluck.. unfortunately.. i’m not able to join, since i am busy with the division quarterly performance and the new system that i administer.. banyak pulak bugs here and there.. Enough about work.. i want to write something that is close to myself.. hmm me of cause..

I am now in my last semester.. sem 8.. (lama kan?) 4 years.. class will be on every Monday until wednesday after work.. and on last thrusday.. as i’m browsing through my mailbox, i saw this one folder “OUM”…. i read and re-read the same emails that i’d composed somewhere in Dec 2005.. i shed tears reading it.. (o Allah jangan kau timpakan aku dugaan yang aku tak mampu lalui).. time has past.. and alhamdulillah until today.. i’m here and still not giving up.. (“give up” and “fed up” you definitely not my favourite, go away!!)

There is a plan… hmm..(perancangan Allah lebih baik..) that i probably nak tukar angin ke company baru.. since i’ve been working with my current company for almost 9 years now.. and i feel so glad that i’ve work here.. this place is blessed..and once i prayed to god that i want to work at a place that going out for solah is not a problem.. instead He gave me a place where i can easily perform my solah anytime, opportunity untuk berjemaah.. and i’d went to few places (customers and projects).. there’re no other place like my current workplace.. syukur alhamdulillah *:)

Tapi.. if i venture into teaching.. be it school teacher ka (tak kot).. lecturing kaa.. hmm itu sunat muaakaq.. *:) membuat pekerjaan mulia.. sharing knowledge and giving back to community itu pahalanya boleh bawak mati.. almaklum laa aku anak pun tak dak.. macam mana nak bekal doa anak soleh.. hmm amal.. rasanya tak banyak mana.. so this could be a good choice pun.. kerja sambil beramal.. (insya allah). Actually on my currect commitment pun.. i am on this kbase initiative for helpdesk and engineers.. ada laa once or twice.. buat sharing session (sebaik-baik manusia.. ialah orang yg memberi manfaat pada orang lain).. but it is better if i could continue my study, learn more so that i can share more..hmm. i love the idea of life-long learning..(belajar hingga ke liang lahat..bos kat tempat keje aku ni pun.. he encourage me to continue..)

tapi.. (hmm banyaknya tapi).. ada few options.. dalam kepala
a. Continue study and apply for sponsorship program.. teringin sangat.. aku dah usha2 and study skit..sama ada luar negara atau dalam negara.. i’ve downloaded graduate forms from several universities dah..
b. Probably tukar company to any teaching institutions and get sponsorship 2 continue my study.. hmm
c. Continue study full time.. take unpaid leave for two years.. *:) (pun menarik)
d. Continue study and apply for new job.. *:) (sounds great too)
e. Continue study and work at the same place.. (same routine as of now)

Option A until C.. hmm need me to give up my job.. i love my job.. hmm tapi kalau fikir2.. sapa nak byr duit kereta aku..? duit rumah..? astro, utilities and etc.. huhuhu.. tapi kalau betul2 dapat opportunity and sponsor belajar seberang laut.. then i will let go everything.. everything..

Long beach, Perhentian Kecil

Baru balik dari Perhentian island this morning. It was another trip with my sister and her family in KB, adik and me. 6 of us.  Actually it was supposed to be with YOKUK (Yayasan orang Kurang Upaya Kelantan), but since they cancel the trip due to strong wind and currents on the sea.. well we are the only group who still want to enjoy the island .. nak tak nak.. ticket dah beli. So my sis and hubby plan nak jugak pi perhentian. My sis, niece and nephew pun dah 4 years.. tak pi island.. yes it wasn’t a good time to go.. but what can i say.. we were so desparate nak mandi laut..

So me and adik, start our journey from KL through LCCT. We flew to KB on Thrusday morning 31st March 2011. Yes i checked the weather it was not encouraging.. but we keep our finger cross.. we will go to jetty kuala besut.. if the sea and the boatman says ok.. then we’ll jump to the boat.. hahaha.. degil.. So adik and me arrived early morning.. Kak Sila and Abg joe fetched kat airport Pengkalan Chepa and we went to nice nasi kerabu.. (lama dah tak makan..) and after that.. we stopped and rest 2 hours plus for Avatar blu-ray version.. (hmm cantikk…. tak bleh cakap.. better than cinema).. 1230 we went to kubang kerian, pick up Misha and Mikhael at school, while abg joe tapau food like nasi bungkus for lunch and dinner on the first night in perhentian. Straight from the school, we drove to jetty. The weather looks ok.. even though it’s a bit cloudy in Kubang Kerian. Journey from Kubang Kerian to jetty Kuala Besut it took about 1 hour and 15 to 30 minutes tak silap.. tak la jauh mana..

Soon as we arrived in jetty, we’re approached by this man.. he works with one of the agent and asked us whether we already book and bla bla bla… we told him that.. i booked via phoned.. no money transaction.. and then sis says… “rezeki dia kot”.. and we followed this man to his office at the jetty. After discussion for almost 30 minutes.. we decided to stay in Long Beach, Perhentian Kecil.. and there is new place called World cafe.  So.. we jumped to the boat.. and tara… most of us are screaming.. (lebih2 lagi mikhael.. ) the wave and the wind.. definitely not our best friend that day….. the most dangerous boat ride ever… fuhh thank god.. we all arrived safely in Perhentian Kecil… once we were on jetty.. we have to walk a little deeper into the forest.. in order to reach to a Long Beach.. since no boat can reach long beach at this weather.. ada laa walking about 10 to 15 minutes…. it is not a normal jungle tracking.. yee jalan berturap batu susun.. mendaki.. with our heavy load bags.. on our back.. fuhh.. macam pi hiking…  akhirnya sampai jugak.. fuhh nice beach.. the the wave was so.. ideal for surfing.. nice but danger..

The accommodation overall was OK, since we want to enjoy the beach more than the room.. it is just equipped with beds, air-cond, hot shower and yes temporarily it is on a generator start at 5.15pm until noon the nextday. Aku rasa ok sangat2 harga pun murah.. RM90 per night….. we went to the room.. put our bags, solat… and immediately.. change to swimming attire.. and tara.. enjoying the wave… crazy.. the danger sign is everywhere.. Mandi2 sampai nak magrib hehe baru masuk bilik.. bila malam… rasa macam nak demam.. tonsil aku bengkak balik.. but i dont care.. telan panadol and tidur sampai pagi..

Next morning, Subuh @06.30.. quickly jump off my bed, gosok gigi.. haha tak mandi.. change to swimming attire best gile.. keje aku kejutkan anak sedara and we walked to the other side of the beach. climbing.. and sampai je terus masuk laut.. tapi beach dia banyak coral pecah2.. so tak syok.. lepas penat.. kami ke Mama’s kitchen… best food kat sini and murah.. tak la semahal kat Perhentian Besar.. and we decided to layan the strong waves on the other side.. so kitaorg jalan balik.. mendaki lagi.. fuhh berpeluh betul laa hujung minggu tuh… we enjoyed the beach until 530 i think.. aku pun dah rasa sejuk.. angin kuat.. grrrr.. bersihkan diri, solat and tunggu waktu magrib.. Dinner, kak Sila , abg joe, mikhael and fatihah went to the other side lagi.. makan dekat mama’s kitchen and tapau for misha and me.. badan rasa nak demam lagi.. makan pun rasa tak lalu.. pasal dah penat sangat main kat pantai siang hari.. lepas makan.. aku makan ubat and tidor sampai pagi..

bangun pagi fresh giler.. pagi2 buta ajak mikhael jog kat tepi pantai.. lepak2 main pasir and bersiap nak balik.. aaa kami tak pi snorkeling gara2 angin and current yang kuat.. rugi nanti bukan bleh nampak apa pun.. masa nak balik laa baru laaa segala waves.. hilang.. Long beach jadi pantai ideal untuk swimming and snorkeling… cantik gilss… huhu tapi dah kena balik.. maybe next time bleh datang Long beach lagi.. rasa cam pi luar negara je.. orang Malaysia tak nampak kat mana2.. aku rasa dari hujung ke hujung ada dua family je yang muka mcm malaysian.. yang lain dari luar.. whatever itis.. tempat ni best.. food is quite cheap compared to Perhentian besar.. well masa aku pegi dulu pun bukan aku keluar duit.. hahaha fully sponsored by my sis.. hehe memang la best..

Sampai ke mainland.. we stopped at several places.. beli keropok yang mak pesan.. beli souvenir.. thought of buying watermelon kat tok bali ni.. fuhh banyak giler.. tapi sebab tak pandai pilih.. kami tak beli hahaha.. macam serba salah pulah nak suh orang tuh kerat dua buah tembikai tuh..  soon as sampai umah akak aku.. bersihkan diri.. badan dah melekit dengan air laut.. pasir rasanya satu badan pun tak hilang lagi… jalan2 dekat KB.. kami makan dekat Vegetarian restaurant.. best.. pastu dapat beli kuih chang chinese nyer version.. the best thing kat KB nih is.. bila sampai sini.. restaurant chinese kat sini halal.. tu yg syok makan chinese food kat KB… hehe dapat makan kuih Chang chinese version.. i like it.. family singgah ke rumah Akong(Atuk) Yap.. akak aku nyer-in-law house… best dapat lagi kuih Chang.. heheh this time bukan version vegetarian.. cukup masa kitaorang di hantar ke station keretapi wakaf baharu.. lucky laa aku ambik bilik kecil dalam train tuh.. dan dah lama tak naik train.. mcm best jee.. tidur nyenyak sampai pg.. tahu2 dah sampai KL sentral.. 🙂 gambar? aku tak dak camera, even phone camera pun malas nak shot..malas nak pikir pegang barang itu ini pi beach.. kalau tertinggal.. satu hal…  keep it to my memory laaa.. just a story *:)