hmm nyum nyum.. just done with a bowl of meehun.. mum’s cook is always the best.. 😀

I have attempted few times to post a story of mine here, unfortunately, i could not save it.. due to what reason i do not know. This sem break, i was preoccupied with books.. bukan lah buku ilmiah, but more on fiction, a biography and autobiography. I went to MPH Subang Parade few times.. i browsed thru the so many times.. hmm akhirnya sangkut la aku.. buying books 4 times in 2 months.. hmm gulp.

Because i am too excited to reall all the books..(rasa nak pi lepak one place and read all my books.. boleh tak) currently i am reading 3 books at a time.. i took half an hour of my lunch time for Twilight series.. almaklum laaa huhuhu twilight – eclipse just around the corner.. haaa tak sabar nak pegi tengok, you know.. like am preparing myself for the exam.. haha exam in cinema.. (sengal sengal). Once i reach my home.. at night.. in my hall.. i will be reading an autobiography of Elizabeth Gilbert.. Eat, pray Love. Bestt.. simple, spontaneously written.. (hmm berangan if one day, i could produce similar journal.. and produce it into a book) waahh what an income… sampai aku mati pun anak cucu bleh dapat duit royalti dari buku.. syiokk. And as i switch off the light in my room.. i’ll switch on my book light pulak.. clip it on my book.. Biography Muhammad bin Abdullah.. hmm what an adventure.. from the day he was born.. to the great Al-Amin, thru his jihad in Badr, Uhud and his devotion and love towards his ummah… sometimes, it’s easy to lose track of time.. tidur time 2.30, 2am .. gara-gara penghayatan cerita yang best.. 😀

Grisham Newest Masterpiece...

Now, next sem is coming.. hmm tapi i can’t wait to start reading Grisham newest novel that i just bought thru MPHonline.. Theodare Boone.. aaa baca synopsis pun dah rasa terujaa..first.. i need to wrap the book first.. sayangg.. another book that i bought is a must read book.. selalu laa ramai lecturer kat campus aku suh baca.. me also unintentionally interested.. sebab dah memang selalu baca website nyer (chedet).. so not the Maverick book.. buku tuh orang lain tulis (tak best). i bought the malay dilemma…by Tun M.

This weekend.. ada My best friend wedding.. another week on 17/7 pun ada my best friend wedding.. hmm my mum.. as usual. haha kepingin katanya nak bermenantu.. ” am sorry mum.. not this time.. the time has yet to come.. insya allah.. one nice day will be mine.., just keep on praying..n dont give up, whatever it is.. i got to finish what i am doing now.. and no one can stop me.. except.. death.” 😀

Luv u Mak.. hugs and kisses.

Thanks for the nice Meehun.. Sedapp banget