Syawal is now in his twenty second day. While 2010, reached Oct first. Time flies.. Raya was overall ok for me.. i think i’d just celebrated raya for few days only… once i reached Petaling Jaya, my hometown, i was no longer in raya mood.. so sad that my hometown is Petaling Jaya.. an ideal place for everything but not hari raya… Too busy and not a quiet place.. especially a night before raya dah kecoh with fireworks here and there.. sakit telinga.

Chupp.. let me put this one first. this is my precious during hari raya.. kuih chang. Mak and abah went back to Melaka for some urgent case kat kampung.. so when they arrived in PJ on third raya.. i was on my way with my sister from Ipoh to PJ..too bored to stay in Ipoh without mum and dad.. balik2 tgk kat umah ada kuih chang.. hmm i luve you mak..

tgk sahaja.. but definitely you can’t taste it.. very nice to go with rendang yg kering or serunding.. and daging dendeng..

Kuih Chang

This is the traditional kuih that can only be found in Melaka… best.. ada sorang nenek ni je yang bleh buat kat kampung mak aku.. the rest gone senile and unable to do it.. unfortunately for her..  she is now has lost her sight.. unable to move and walk outside.. tak tahu kenapa.. kesian nenek ni.. the one in picture bought from pasar besar Melaka

I got few invitations for open house.. tapi i am busy with school thing.. adoi.. susah la pulak dah agak tua ni pi belajar lagi… hmm no comment.. nasib aku so kena redha. This weekend.. best friend, school mate, raya mate kahwin pulak.. hmm plus have discussion with classmate this weekend gak… which one.. this one or that one.. can i simply go to Sue’s house after her wedding?.. ketuk pintu umah mak dia..just deliver the present and balik..”. sound rude pulak.. mak aku tak ajar macam tu.. whatever it is..I am competing with Time… yang memang tak pernah kesian.. nak pulak dah sampai akhir zaman..wallahualam