Currently i am reading this serious book (serious kot)that i borrowed from nearest library close to my home..Perpustakaan Komuniti Petaling Jaya… after my first try reading an autobiography “Eat Pray Love” this is my second, kind of autobiography, but this time.. ala2 travelog, with few pictures included in this book. The book was written by a jewish-american and also a speaker of  Hebrew and Arabic (fluently i supposed.. ).. Travelling from Israel to Amman – Egypt – Syria – no where else because i am still reading it..

I always heard that some non-muslim, or newly converted-to-islam-malaysian, went to Jordan to study arabic just to understand Quran Ul-Karim.. hmm i wonder and keep on asking myself… do i have a heart to go to Jordan and study arabic.. ? or the least.. to study basic arabic just to get basic understanding of ayah in Quran.. For me.. i maybe able to recite every words and sentences in the Quran.. hmm still be looking for a translation from a Tafsir .. Who knows.. with times, spaces and Hidayah from Allah .. insya allah  .. i would definitely grab the opportunity to learn arabic .. currently my third language is Mandarin..

I donno know whether i should recommend people out there to read this book.. but to me.. reading this book.. could give me something.. information or perspective from a different angle. .. especially from a non muslim and jewish like Mr Orbach.. i really want to know.. what did he shares to the world in this book..

Honestly.. i just kind of uneasy reading the synopsis of this book on the front flip-cover.. but whatever it is.. it was what he had witnessed in one of MIDDLE EAST country..