Precious Journal is 3 years old today [Oct 10, 2008]

Berjumpa lagi dengan 10 oct.. hehe my luckiest date.. (entry raya.. tungguuu la ko kat situ.. ) Today is the day aku dapat keje kat company aku nih.. yang memang sejak dulu aku pasang cita2 nak keje sini.. now here i am.. hehe..loyal giler laa aku kat sini.

Precious Journal on her 3rd Anniversary πŸ™‚

Kerja ku menaip kat internet nih pun.. mem’blog’ pun cukup tiga tahun. Happy Birthday to My “Precious Journal”. Hmm this is the day aku jadi orang lebih berakal.. (barangkali). And there are few big contest that i won in this date too. Also a birthday of kawan lama aku masa zaman sekolah rendah. Puas aku carik dia on the internet.. How are you Nadiah binti Rosli?..Aku tak pernah jumpa dia sejak hari terakhir aku dalam darjah 6. Kami satu class dari standard one sampai standard 6.. Aku suka kawan aku nih.. dia cukup menghargai kawan dan dirinya sendiri.. I remember every year.. dia akan membalut hadiah hari jadi aku and herself (walaupun hari jadi aku lambat lagi).. and we will exchange it.. takkisah la dari barang stationery ke atau apa2 sekecil barang.. dia akan ajak aku sekali bungkus hadiah tuh sama2 and kami tukar sesama sendiri.

Walau macam-macam perangai kawan aku nih.. but i really hope that one day i will meet her again.. Amin

Dok berdiscuss dengan my officemate nak buat open house ala2 picnic.. mesti best kan? colleague kat office nih pun okeh… Cuma ada ke taman yang allow orang awam buat pembakaran.. thinking about bbq, satay ke.. lepak ramai2 kat taman tasik yang dekat ngna office nih.. hmm satu pagi di hujung minggu..


mak abah aku tak der umah hujung minggu nih, balik kampung.. ajak kawan2 datang umah.. potluck.. huh masak? mm masak makan sniri bleh laa.. tak molek laa bagi orang.. aku bukan reti sangat pun.. cuma kadang-kadang menu mengarut (sentengah orang kata).. because ala2.. healthy menu aku suka cuba and try…

Adoii final exam hujung bulan nih.. start with mandarin (Arrghh minggu depan aku orang first buat final oral. Cuakk ) sampai la ke 18 Nov.. hmm plan nak cuti on Nov 14.. rehat. nak pi mana aa? hmm probably not going anywhere.. since ada kertas on 18th. Adoi.. tak best.. Rasa nak cepat habiskan sem nih.. aku nak buat keje mencabar lepas nih..

Banyaknya benda yang aku pikir….

I’m da Best Buddy and Steady Supporter

I took one test on Tickle Web. It is so interesting. I always visited this site, because sometime it helps to build “a person” in me. Hehehe
Here is the result.

What Type of Friend are u?
Ekin, you’re a Best Buddy
Need help figuring out which shoes look cuter with which outfit? You’re the girl to call. Friendships are top priority in your list of things to do β€” you check in regularly, hang out all the time, and you probably never get tired of your closest pals. So when someone is heading to the hair salon for a big cut, you’ll go and hold their hand. Heck, you’ll even pitch in for the dull stuff β€” like scary appointments to get braces. No matter what you and your friends are up to, you’re in it for the long haul. Your specialty is putting the needs of others over your own. Best part is, your friends make sure to do the same.

What Type of GirlFriend are u?
Ekin, you’re a Steady Supporter
Stand by your man β€” that’s just something you naturally do. Once you’ve committed to a relationship, you are a constant companion who enjoys the comfort and stability that comes from being a couple. Not quick to judge, accuse, or think the worst, you have a lot of trust (in him and in yourself), and you rarely worry about where he is or who he’s with. For you, mutual respect is of utmost importance. You are comfortable and confident in your own skin, making you a great pillar of strength in all your relationships. Whether he’s striving to climb a mountain or land a promotion, you have his back. Best part is, you know he’s got yours too.