Precious Journal of Me *:)

Just a small world of Precious Me, Life and Times…

About : Precious Me

A life is precious, and times are priceless.. Life is short andtwitter for every single times that I can remember or I could recall, I will record it here..

A lil bit about me, I may describe myself overly, but all i know about myself is, i am always curious, hate to lie and liars, self-determine, straight, love doing new things and love to challenge myself, like to travel (even though I travel occasionally), tennis, swimming, snorkeling and not forgotten driving, Love food and to invent new recipes.

This is about life of Me. Simple but sometimes can be complicated. Only God knows..



10 thoughts on “About : Precious Me

  1. salam cek sikin yg jeliter tewww..
    ini blog yg simple kannns.. tapi blog yg complicated tewww ader takkks.. ehehe, me gurau-gurau one uoools

  2. hi en_me, yeah this is the simplest one.. yang complicated never been published before.. those are just in my memories.. 🙂

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