i’ve started working with my current company for more than 10 years ago.. starting at young age of 22 at a prestigious building like Petronas Twin Tower definitely an achievement.. even for a cleaner.. (Pemikiran orang muda sahaja ) … i still remember that the working hour was from 8 to 5 pm.. we enjoyed longer break hours on every Friday.. we enjoyed forced leave on Friday if the public holiday fall on Saturday.. and last but not least.. luxurious moment.. on every lunch hours.. (luxury ke?) boleh laa.. but at that time.. food price ( lunch – with main dish and sayur) was about RM5.90.. way back in 2002 – 2003.. Now the regular serving @food court on 4th floor of suria KLCC, minimal can be from Rm7.9 or maybe RM8.9 per plate.. hmm mahal..

After that, i was posted at TPM, supporting an international bank as a second level support for a project.. outlook transition.. best thing about this place.. no dress code.. you can put on any jeans.. t-shirt and sneakers.. best.. working hours.. 830 to 5pm.. asal cukup masa terus cabut..

then i went back to my HQ in subang.. having quite a month of break.. without any assignment and later i was park under my current bos post.. he was a TL at that time.. managing projects, PM.. Service assistant.. and etc etc.. until today.. i am still here.. hmm ( why am being so loyal? ) .. one office location tip top.. 6.2 KM aways from my home.. sometimes, i simply drive off to my house for lunch.. (jimat giler) and the working hours are flexible.. if you can come at 8am.. then you can leave the office by 4.30 .. if you want to start work at 9am.. then you can leave office by 530… simple as that..

Start this year.. we have started.. work from home policy.. i’ve tried it.. good.. provided there’s no ‘huge’ interruption.. hahaha right now.. i was the only daughter in the house.. and that is very ok.. and i managed to work.. just like am in my office.. am going to surrender my cubicle.. and i will be mobile and probably will occupy the hot-desking in USJ office.. taraa.. happy working all..

Key take aways… ( why i stay here) 

1. I love what am doing now, 

2. I love the location (between my house and office)

3. I love the office environment

4. I like the support given by my leader

5. I simply love my job..

6. I love my parents.

7. I love my house

8. I love my pay-day

9. I love the route where i drove everyday.. ( i tell you, nobody like federal highway.. unfortunately.. i like it.. there’s no jam to my office.. alhamdulillah.. if yes.. i’ll enjoy it)

10. I love being Me.. HERE.. *:)