First time i heard this word tersirat.. was when i learnt about writing Rumusan in Bahasa Malaysia Class..

Now this is very.. i don’t know.. but i  kept thinking about it.. One evening.. after i took my wuduk it is not always for me to look into my mirror.. and it is unusual that am looking and checking thoroughly if there were any unusual spot or aging sign on my face.. then i said a prayer to allah.. for giving me such a very good look and skin.. subhanallah.. then my mind starts thinking.. will this look give me ways to go to jannah?.. and more other questions comes to my mind.. until.. i said to myself.. hmm i should look good to meet Allah.. I grab my olive oil bottle…. i rubbed my hands, face, neck, knees and elbows with it…. then i took my compact powder applied it a layer on my face.. wore my prayer cloth and start performing solat Asar..

At the end of my solah.. i think that i should recite one or two ayah from the quran.. recite one or two dua’.. then i take off my prayer cloth.. hmm ( tiba2 rasa panas.. ) and my mind said.. “eh.. aku nak baca quran.. ” i put it on again.. then i went to the book shelves.. about to reach the quran.. then my hand switched to the tafseer.. English quran translation printed in Houston, Texas…a gift from a friend.. (May allah bless her) i took it then i flipped to this page.. Surah Al-Qasas verses 19 – 28..i read it through.. and suddenly it reminds me of ateh.. ” She once told me and the rest of geng ngaji that.. ” if you feel.. something, uneasy, lonely and etc.. simply flip the quran and read.. and coincidentally.. what i was thinking… were something like the ayahs.. Subhanallah..

AlQasas 28(19 – 28)

And when he would have fallen upon the man who was an enemy unto them both, he said: O Moses! Wouldst thou kill me as thou didst kill a person yesterday? Thou wouldst be nothing but a tyrant in the land, thou wouldst not be of the reformers. (19) And a man came from the uttermost part of the city, running. He said: O Moses! Lo! the chiefs take counsel against thee to slay thee; therefor escape. Lo! I am of those who give thee good advice. (20) So he escaped from thence, fearing, vigilant. He said: My Lord! Deliver me from the wrongdoing folk. (21) And when he turned his face toward Midian, he said: Peradventure my Lord will guide me in the right road. (22) And when he came unto the water of Midian he found there a whole tribe of men, watering. And he found apart from them two women keeping back (their flocks). He said: What aileth you? The two said: We cannot give (our flocks) to drink till the shepherds return from the water; and our father is a very old man. (23) So he watered (their flock) for them. Then he turned aside into the shade, and said: My Lord! I am needy of whatever good Thou sendest down for me. (24) Then there came unto him one of the two women, walking shyly. She said: Lo! my father biddeth thee, that he may reward thee with a payment for that thou didst water (the flock) for us. Then, when he came unto him and told him the (whole) story, he said: Fear not! Thou hast escaped from the wrongdoing folk. (25) One of the two women said: O my father! Hire him! For the best (man) that thou canst hire is the strong, the trustworthy. (26) He said: Lo! I fain would marry thee to one of these two daughters of mine on condition that thou hirest thyself to me for (the term of) eight pilgrimages. Then if thou completest ten it will be of thine own accord, for I would not make it hard for thee. Allah willing, thou wilt find me of the righteous. (27) He said: That (is settled) between thee and me. Whichever of the two terms I fulfil, there will be no injustice to me, and Allah is Surety over what we say. (28)