Lama dah tak blogging.. rindu..

let’s start with a short one..

i was on my way to office this morning.. earlier than usual.. since there will be a tadabbur Al-quran @08:00 in BPC room.. the flyover connected from NPE to Federal Highway was quite slow.. as usual the police traffic will alternatively stop cars from this flyover.. and as i stopped nicely lining up.. in a very nice row.. suddenly “knocking sounds from my left side mirror… “astaqfirullah”.. spontaneously.. and what a stupido motorcyclist.. not even a signal to apologize…duhh.. apakahhh

People who always apologize.. will spontaneously give that excuse signal… hmm nampak sgt motorcyclist tu tak kisah…

P/s: don’t be like me. says astaqfiruallah.. but then.. still labeled the motorcyclist  as a stupido.. why didn’t i take it as.. a test from allah.. hmm a note for thoughts..