Esok hari bekerja.. ISNIN.. entah hari ke berapa bekerja dalam 2012.. and this is my first entry in 2012..i just watched CUN the movie.. nice and hilarious.. tapi skit difficult to understand the language.. so i turn on the subtitle to english.. easier.. *:)

A simple typical malay story and i managed to laugh once or twice.. The sweetest part is when Luna the women.. proposed to a kampung guy.. simple.. Kampung guy is definitely simple.. they probably have lesser things to worry about.. compared to metropolitan guy.. hmm i wish i could simply proposed a kampung guy mcm tuh.. hahaha.. buat naya…. sure orang lelaki tuh lari tak cukup tanah.. atau.. gelak sampai pecah perut.. but am not CUN like maya karin.. hmm forget it..