This year, 2011.. banyak activity jalan-jalan yang aku buat.. and as well as my photos collections hmm *:)

Long Beach – Perhentian kecil in April 2011.. A short trip of 3days and 2nights, second trip with kak sila’s family since they’re back for good after 4 years in NZ.. masing-masing rasa tak puas enjoy pulau perhentian.. just me and adik, flew back to KB and once arrived in kak sila’s house, we watched the Avatar in a blur ray version.. cantik gils, on the same day.. to perhentian kecil from jetty Kuala besut *:)

Somewhere at a hill-view in Langkawi.. background is the Langkawi Airport. Unplanned trip, during school holiday May 2011. it was fun with Kak li’s family and my niece’s cousins..

Dusk @ Ao-Nang beach in Krabi.. the most exciting moment i had with my friend. Nida.. the scenic was so stunning and subhanallah..Thanks for being my best travel buddy. lain kali kita jalan lagi *:)

Volcano sight-seeing, The Tangkuban Perahu, in Bandung in July 2011. Exactly a week before ramadan 1432H.. Nice trip with my classmates and a lecturer-turn-tour-guide. We also went to several nice shopping places, lots of factory outlets, cozy and relaxing dining places such as Kampung Daun-cultural cafe, Lisung Cafe, street-fav-stall Super Gizi and fabulous street-restaurant that served great ikan bakar..  *:)

The great Raya 2011 picture on 30th August.. hmm all gathered.. best sangat after 4 years without kak sila’s family… Perfecto