Lama tak menaip dekat sini.. and i really really miss to write something.. to write about something that is close to me.. close to my heart..

Enough about cerita raya.. which i can tell.. my raya is just so-and-so.. tapi the best part is.. this year we gathered all of our family members.. and as usual bbq party on second raya. Kesian kak ngah, auntie tak letak pun lagi gambar raya in facebook.. sorry dear..busy and i wasn’t fit enough this puasa and raya..

last week, dekat tempat kerja aku..kitaorang organized nak buat potluck.. unfortunately.. i’m not able to join, since i am busy with the division quarterly performance and the new system that i administer.. banyak pulak bugs here and there.. Enough about work.. i want to write something that is close to myself.. hmm me of cause..

I am now in my last semester.. sem 8.. (lama kan?) 4 years.. class will be on every Monday until wednesday after work.. and on last thrusday.. as i’m browsing through my mailbox, i saw this one folder “OUM”…. i read and re-read the same emails that i’d composed somewhere in Dec 2005.. i shed tears reading it.. (o Allah jangan kau timpakan aku dugaan yang aku tak mampu lalui).. time has past.. and alhamdulillah until today.. i’m here and still not giving up.. (“give up” and “fed up” you definitely not my favourite, go away!!)

There is a plan… hmm..(perancangan Allah lebih baik..) that i probably nak tukar angin ke company baru.. since i’ve been working with my current company for almost 9 years now.. and i feel so glad that i’ve work here.. this place is blessed..and once i prayed to god that i want to work at a place that going out for solah is not a problem.. instead He gave me a place where i can easily perform my solah anytime, opportunity untuk berjemaah.. and i’d went to few places (customers and projects).. there’re no other place like my current workplace.. syukur alhamdulillah *:)

Tapi.. if i venture into teaching.. be it school teacher ka (tak kot).. lecturing kaa.. hmm itu sunat muaakaq.. *:) membuat pekerjaan mulia.. sharing knowledge and giving back to community itu pahalanya boleh bawak mati.. almaklum laa aku anak pun tak dak.. macam mana nak bekal doa anak soleh.. hmm amal.. rasanya tak banyak mana.. so this could be a good choice pun.. kerja sambil beramal.. (insya allah). Actually on my currect commitment pun.. i am on this kbase initiative for helpdesk and engineers.. ada laa once or twice.. buat sharing session (sebaik-baik manusia.. ialah orang yg memberi manfaat pada orang lain).. but it is better if i could continue my study, learn more so that i can share more..hmm. i love the idea of life-long learning..(belajar hingga ke liang lahat..bos kat tempat keje aku ni pun.. he encourage me to continue..)

tapi.. (hmm banyaknya tapi).. ada few options.. dalam kepala
a. Continue study and apply for sponsorship program.. teringin sangat.. aku dah usha2 and study skit..sama ada luar negara atau dalam negara.. i’ve downloaded graduate forms from several universities dah..
b. Probably tukar company to any teaching institutions and get sponsorship 2 continue my study.. hmm
c. Continue study full time.. take unpaid leave for two years.. *:) (pun menarik)
d. Continue study and apply for new job.. *:) (sounds great too)
e. Continue study and work at the same place.. (same routine as of now)

Option A until C.. hmm need me to give up my job.. i love my job.. hmm tapi kalau fikir2.. sapa nak byr duit kereta aku..? duit rumah..? astro, utilities and etc.. huhuhu.. tapi kalau betul2 dapat opportunity and sponsor belajar seberang laut.. then i will let go everything.. everything..