almost to an end, i am waiting for my last battle.. with pen, paper and my brain. Next week. Insya Allah. Since evening classes was no more on my schedule… i’ve a chance to spend more time at home.. sembang2 dengan mak and abah.. and thanks mak and abah.. for giving me times and let me concentrates of my studies.. not forgotten adik.. for taking over few of my weekends task.. such as.. bawak mak pi pasar.. entertaining mak to nearest pasar malam, bawak mak and abah balik kampung.. thanks to kak ila, who always brought abah to his nutrition classes every weeks…  hmm what more can i say.. they are people who have made my life a lot easier.. Thanks Allah for giving me alot of blessing and these people in my life.. Without them around me.. i am nothing.. and i may not achieve anything..