It is just Tuesday today and it is Federal Territories birthday.. for KL and Labuan.. this morning before am taking my morning bath,  i drove my car with Mak to nearest wet market. Pasar basah. To prepare special “lauk” for this weekend. There’s nothing special event, it is just that.. we are anxiously waiting for arrival of my sis and family from NZ.. after 4 years being away from Malaysia.. aahh.. we really miss them so much..

Nothing fancy menu requested by my sister and my brother in law.. through googletalk..

My Sis “Kin.. nanti suruh mak masak tauchu dengan ikan kembong.. letak timun byk2, rindu nak makan lauk tauchu mak”

Bro-in-law  ” Akak ko suh order makan.. haha.. nanti suruh mak masak sotong krak-kruk sambal and peria goreng..”

Me  ” Misha and Mikhael nak makan apa..?”

Bro-in-law “dorang makan je apa mak bapak dorang makan”

Kadang-kadang.. rasa seronok duduk jauh2.. once in a blue moon balik kampung.. in my case.. rumah mak aku bukan kampung.. tapi boleh laa.. hmm make everybody miss u that much.. best je kan.. ? Tapi once dah jauh.. hmm rasa nak menangis pun ada..

There are really homesick.. and miss mom’s cook very much.. and i know why.. otherwise my sis won’t be calling us once in a week..She has been there for 4 years.. since 2007 May.. sekarang they are coming home.. HOME Westlife version…..My niece (Misha’s) favorite song.. I miss misha.. i miss mikhael.. We will gather again together.. hureyy. *:)

P/s: Mom’s cook healed your misery.. agree? hehehe enjoy it.. as long as you can.