Well.. let’s start with update on January.. since the class had just started.. for the least i am glad..  i dont feel bored driving home and arrived early.. most of the time i enjoyed the religious classes at auditorium.. Now i have to put it aside.. leaving all interesting topic in Hadith class with Ust Abdullah.. Class with Ust Rosli from USIM.. 2 last session with Ust Hasrizal with the 7 habits of effective people – Al Ghazali & Stephen Covey.. hmm. nak tak nak i have to chase another ilmu agenda in Uitm Puncak perdana..sib baik ada geng rajin posted and shared voice recording for all these Ustaz.. Thank God.

Also.. fuhh.. rasanya this 2011, it’s gonna be like mary-goes-round.. harap2 semuanya berjaya dilaksanakan.. Amin.. hmm i think i need to list all things that need to be done.. kita draft dulu

1. Voice recording evalution – this is every month nyer keje.. adus.. commitment.. commitment.. jgn aku mengatuk masa dok dgr recording ni sudah..

2. Internal training – i would be conducting more than one training session with engineers after CNY.. hmm definitely the modules and manual need to go through amendment.. editing.. improvement.. lucky me that i dont have to do it elsewhere. Dekat office HQ shj.. alhamdulillah. Just read an email from my bos.. she’s suggesting to do it after office hour.. OMG how about my classes.. 😦 Ya Allah tolonglah permudahkan perjalanan sem ini

3. KPI reporting – this is my quarterly job.. adus i am sure there will be another changes in this first quarter.. however i take this as a positive changes.. because without these changes.. it also means that the report is not improving.. therefore.. changes is crucial.. (Yeah bring the changes on baby)

4. Kbase – would be my nearest project. Insya Allah by end march should / must be ready.. that’s what i told the protege of mine.. hahaha.. ini la case mentor-mentee ni.. another headache

5. Sure all my school project would be end on Aprill adus.. research project.. and sudden changes on who’s-teaching-what… bukan apa.. i may be need to change a bit my in-class-study-rhythm.. since one of my lecturer most probably will swap with someone else.. honestly.. it is not easy for me.. since i’ve experienced that changing lecturer is another mary-goes-round episode.. let’s pray for betterment.. tak mau jadik mcm sem lepas.. HARU

6. Follow with final exam weeks..


Around KRABI.. nak mimpi japp.. *:)

7. On june.. is the one that i’ve waited since last year.. Trip to KRABI.. aduss.. ini lah cuti aku.. just waiting for MATTA fair to buy good ground package.. Definitely snorkeling trip to Phi Phi island, nice beaches.. elephant trip.. whatelse.. i suppose these are all the planning.. panjang umur dapat lah aku buat semua yang kat atas… insya Allah

Again.. Dear Allah.. wish that you could give me strenght and strong spirit to go thru this period.. Amin