i know it’s already midnight.. hmm but then am still watching my favorite singer.. MB AKA Michael Buble.. singing his best and favorite songs.. just a litttle tenderness, you don’t know me, you’ll never find another love..and oldies jazz song which i do not know the title.. but still make me wanna dance.. hmm i just wish that i could dance with the one i love.. who maybe like and enjoy the same kind of music.. aa marvelous.. tidur?.. siang tadi i already had my nap.. probably hours.. hahah (nap ke tuh?) now.. i’d be an owl

He may not that handsome.. but still have this charming smile and sweet.. hmm suara jangan cakap.. hmm potentially can be my best lullaby..kenapa penyanyi malaysia tak nak nyanyi lagu zaman 50 and 60 and converted it to something modern like MB..ada pun tak byk..like Shiela Majid.. actually there are so many songs.. yang boleh di perbaharui.. i guess yg kind of new to me.. maybe this Atilia.. have the aura for kind of different type of music.. and honestly.. i just like her music.. the song title.. maybe kekanda, adinda.. nice one..

Buble, invited Josh Groban and tried to sing the way Groban’s style.. hahaha.. just trying to change his music genre konon.. trying but not that.. good.. he better be stay with JAZZ.. lawak and now with his another hits version… I’ve got you under my skin.. the late and famous Sinatra song.. or ada lagi yang lama.. which i can’t recall.. whatever it is.. hmm  if Buble come to Malaysia for a singing tour.. definitely i want to go to his concert.. A MUST..

next song.. HOME.. aa best.. my niece favorite song.. but Westlife version.. Misha this is for you “I Miss you .. you know”

next.. The more i see you.. haa lagu ni selalu.. aku nyanyi masa boring kat office.. kadang-kadang tiba2 jee.. terkeluar dari mulut aku ni.. singing to myself at early morning.. when i arrived at my office..since dok pasang CD MB mana tak nyaaa..

huhuhu.. Save the last dance for me.. Sweet and happening..  “i will never never let you go.. cause i love you oh so much”

How sweet it is to be loved by you.. donno whether this is the correct song title.. ” i wanna stop.. i just wanna stop… thank you baby.. ”

Last song.. Crazy little Thing called LOVE..  “Are you ready..? coz am ready for crazy little thing called love.. ”  sorry not the last song.. the last was You and I

best best.. aku suka aku suka..  *:) Happy new Year..