Nov 1st, 2010, hari jadi kak ila.. my best friend.. hmm i have little surprise for her this year.. looking at her.. she has been working so hard this year.. kesian tengok hari2.. badan2 pun sakit2.. hmm maklum la she’s turning 41 this year.. hmm 10 years different from me.. yet we are best friend.. age is just a number.

I’ve booked complete treatment at nearest Spa in SS15. Hehe and definitely, she is not reading my blog entry. because she has very limited access to internet.. hehehe. Hope that she enjoy the package.. hmmm U’re the best friend i ever had.. and i ever prayed for.. Thanks to Allah, for being good a listener.. and heard all my prayers.. Amin.

Soon to be (not soon but now.. I need you, God, to listen to another prayer that i whisper to myself.. everyday in my heart…. You know who, you know what, you know when, you know where, you know how….. Thanks a million in advanced *:)