An extended weekend.. from Nuzul Quran and Merdeka the 53rd.. we choose to do some shopping and preparation for raya… but is it not in my house.. instead at my sister house..  mine done, except for flowers and curtains..and sofa.. ahh bila nak ambik sarung sofa baru nih.. !!!

The bigger the house.. the bigger bugdet, time and effort for hari raya..  i snapped you-know-who .. hanging a curtain.. huge and long at the second sliding doors of my sis house..last weekend.. aku bab2 gantung and angkat2 barang berat nih.. maaf.. not my expertise… Adik.. u are really.. uhm.

And this one.. was taken on the night of 15 ramadhan..  cantik sangat bulan malam tuh.. Subhanallah.

It may not be a very good picture .. but very nice and pure to me *:)