Halu precious..

How are you? i am very sorry.. i could not write anything.. since 20th mac.. i was away.. away to Ipoh.. Opah has just passed away.. I really want to drive up to Ipoh that Wednesday (24/03), but since i am stuck with my class, and assignment that i need to submit on the same day.. i was in class for 10 minutes.. then i received phone call from Acik, cried horribly.. and told me that opah had passed away.. I immediately.. rush out from class.. that coincidentally finished @ 20:00.. i just put my written assignment on my lecturer’s desk and i walked out.. i could not stop my tears at that moment.. immediately performed my Magrib prayer and drive back home. Adik already at home packing.. me, i just changed cloths and drive off to Ipoh… two cousins were with us in a car.. sometime we are so quiet sometimes we talked and talked about funny stories about Opah.. and i can’t just handle the tears falling… let it be.. let it be..

Opah been paralyzed for 2 weeks.. the very first week.. when she was first unable to talk, and move half of her body, at that time, we were rushed back on one Sunday.. she was hospitalized for a week… now all her pain has gone.. and we know that, this is best for her.. not able to drink even a sip.. can’t even eat for the whole 3 weeks.. Doctor had tries few times.. trying and forcing the tube into her mouth.. but still unsuccessful.. it is quite sad when we were away from your beloved family and you had to bare this moment by urself.. the only thing you can do is just.. Al-fatihah….. my sister, i really had to tell her. and she called a day after and was crying helplessly…. i was like.. telling my self that.. doctors aren’t doing their best in treating Opah.. but on the other side.. i kept telling it to myself.. it is her destiny that she had to experience the pain before she died..probably to brush off her sins..

Precious, i still can’t help to stop my tears.. Al- fatihah.. very fortunate for Opah.. she was buried exactly beside her late husband that had passed away for more than 37 years.. Atta (atuk) must be very happy.. and Opah as well.. Once, she told me and my sis, that if one day, she was no longer in this world, she would like to be buried beside her husband.. isn’t it lovely.. Cinta sehidup, Semati.. Buried beside your love one.. what more you want.. when you already a dead body? What things that you think would help you down there? nothing..except.. Dua’, our iman and our jariah.. i supposed Opah is resting in peace right now.. Insya Allah..