Writing.. hmm for my blog.. i cannot plan what am about to write.. most of the time.. it just pop up.. and that’s it. I made quite number of attempts typing story.. sometimes, I’ve deleted sometime I just save it in draft.. after few weeks.. most of the time.. I’ll wipe it off from the form.. and write a new one.. That’s about information.. it is timely.. nak pulak cerita dekat blog. Hmm got to be up-to-date.. base on the writer laaa.

Fortunately… for so many things that I’ve tried to make it my hobbies.. this is the only thing that I’d never been bored

One of my Collected stamps

with.. huhuhu.. During my college time at AIM, I like collecting stamps.. and last week, I’ve gone through my collections.. stamps, and first day cover.. huhuhu cantiknya.. sedap mata memandang. All new..tak pernah pakai kay.. How am i fallen for something that so tiny and hmm need money to buy.. where did I got that money haaa.. oo MARA bagi.. huhuhu wang saku by MARA.. aku rasa masa belajar lebih kaya dari masa bekerja.. Y? because.. i have so many shoes and not to mention.. that all shoes are matched with my baju kurung.(wajib pakai baju kurung.. well studying under MARA program.. itu semua perkara wajib and bertudung..) hmm lucky at that time..i started wearing tudung.. after my SPM. Hmm.. no regret.. terus pakai.. Back to my shoes, if am wearing green… I wore green.. if yellow, then I ‘ll go with yellow shoes.. huhuhu lucky.. I didn’t match it with bags.. bag for a student biasa satu je.. yang besar bleh isi byk barang itu laa beg kegemaran.. huhuhu..

Am the kind of lady yang suka carry barang banyak.. tak cukup tangan.. bawak segala barang.. as long as I need it.. hmm tak suka kalau barang tak cukup and kena pinjam.. hmm well in my pencil case.. I have my highlighter.. nail clipper.. ruler, stapler nyer bullet.. rubber.. I have extra tube of ink, key chains, exam slip..and entah mcm2 lagi and no liquid paper.. I like SPM writing style.. cross and strikethrough.. huhuhu can u imagine my note book.. ? I like drawing, mapping diagram.. rather than wording.. I like to use mechanical pencil.. yang pendek.. faber castle.. dark green color.. I used that pencil for 4 years.. haa lepas tuh hilangg.. sedih.. (pencil hilang pun nak sedih).. isinya sure I will only chose Buncho or 2B yang best and hitam.. huhuhu.. Hmm flash back.. seronok pi belajar masa muda

Sekarang nih belajar.. lepas belajar je.. balik rumah, mata pedih dan penat.. hmm yet still staring and looking at this lcd screen.. hmm not working but typing.. badan penat tak boleh tidur.. hmm I’m quite worried about myself.. difficult to sleep.. hmm kadang2 sengaja masuk awal @23:00 and trying and force myself to sleep.. tapi most of the time.. hmm mata dok terbungkam besar.. (betul ke perkataan terbungkam kat situ aku guna?).. akhirnya after 1 hour 2 baru tidor.. itu pun dengan susah payah.. biasanya kalau tangan gatal ambik buku, magazines.. adoii lagi tak boleh tidur…. Hari nih nak tidor kul berapa tak tahu.. harap2.. bleh tidor awal.. haa? Almost 1am.. ? goshhh.. ok. I’ll stop here.. continue later