It’s a three days without working.. hmm halfday on last Thursday. Accompanied fatihah to an interview @Mardi..

Doing some reading on Inside sales.. hmm new opportunity. kind of telemarketing.. but this time will be under sales dept. not from my division perspective.. itu a lil bit diff, because my current dept focusing on servicing customers..

Should i go.. ? Entah laa aku nih.. masalah nya aku jenis yang suka harung… it is so hard for me to see one thing as complicated… Work is a lil bit different for me.. i always see adventure on it… always willingly to go and do whatever it takes to make sure that “i am working now”… hmm sounds too workaholic huh?.. not very i guess..

Settled.. 1 thing..agreed and booked new house on behalf on my sis.. a simple one, single storey.. and suit the needs.. maybe for masjid.. itu kena menapak for 200 meters (donno whether abah boleh jalan ke sana.. hmm).. well it is just

The house

the site of masjid.. bina nyer belum.. rumah siap somewhere in May 2010.. wahh cepatnya siap.. alhamdulillah manage to get corner house.. single storey.. easy access to main road.. and convenient to the new Taipan shoplots.. belakang rumah ajer.. hmm hope abah like not bad at all.. and freehold by sime darby props.. harap semua urusan menandatangan tiada masalah.. got to arrange or maybe post it to CHCH atau paling senang.. kirim je kat sesapa yang nak kesana.. itu yang paling murah pun..

U see, those things that we want in life.. kadang2 tak dapat semua.. kadang2 out of 5 things yang kita nak.. yang dapat just 3 or 4.. hmm masa nih laa we need to prioritize.. hmm exactly like.. looking for a future husband la nih.. you have 5 criteria in your list.. hmm tapi no one is perfect.. so if you found 3 or 4 criteria at one particular person.. you should learn to accept him / her.. (haha this is not quoted by me. ini kak ila yang quote.. ) well.. that’s why i agreed to book the house..  my sis pun ok.. you know what.. planning, searching and buying or hunting for your lovely house is exactly like “hunting” for Mr right.. (hmm apa aku mengarut nih.. )

Those house yang selang sebaris with surau no more available (double storey).. some more umah tu, umah tengah.. PLUS.. over budget pulak.. my sis says ” if mak suka and kome nak dok situ.. akak ok ajer”.. huhuhu.. Tempat kampung baru yang akan datang will be @ Bandar Bukit Raja.. tak la jauh sangat dari office.. well instead on 5 minutes driving.. hmm nanti aku kena drive 25 to 30 minutes PLUS kena lalu tol NKVE.. to work. about 20KM away from new house. cost kan? kat KL and selangor inilah masalah nyer.. mana2 toll.. so.. dah masak sangat

last Friday balik Ipoh, Acu, adik kak ila nikah. So we went back to kg abah. esoknya convoy tiga kereta from Ipoh to Air Tawar… majlis yg sederhana tapi meriah.. thank god ramai orang datang.. cuaca pun baik.. PANAS.. fuh. aku siap salin baju masa nak balik.. tak tahan laa pakai baju kurung sampai petang.. adoii macam perempuan melayu terakhir..

The Pisa, Anson Gulf

We took a diff route this time, masa balik.. sesaja ambik jalan melalui Teluk Intan.. nak tengok menara condong.. huhu dpt tgk pun.. and managed to snap few pics.. dapat minum air kelapa muda yang murah sangat.. Rm1.50 kat KL nih cekik darah laa air kelapa muda yang fresh.. lucky me.. our visit to the kedai kerepak.. dapat pulak jantung pisang free… tuan kedai yang baik hati.. thanks.. i like it so much.. jantung pisang rebus with air assam.. menu mak hari ini.. nice huh..

Will post the photos.. a lil bit later..   *:)  Nite and morning.