Last thursday was another iftar that i’ve attended. Dekat office je pun. I just got lucky can excused from my evening class and attended this small event. Thanks Dr Wan.. kita jumpa lepas raya. 🙂

Iftar@Mesiniaga, begins with ceramah in our Audi by Ustaz Shahrom..topic discussed was no other than the last 10 days in Ramadan. Followed by buka puasa, first session, solat magrib, the buka puasa and solatIsyak and Terawikh @ the audi foyer..

this whole ramadan, we have kuliah zohor everyday and we’ve invited few ustaz.. among our favourite.. are brother Lim Jooi Soon, Ustaz Rosli from USIM, Ustaz Abdullah, Ustaz Ghazali ((Late) Ustaz Asri’s brother) and ada lagi nama yang aku tak ingat..i am so grateful that, in my office we have this kind of program… u know although we are in corporate line.. and private, alhamdulillah muslim employees here are very committed in doing this charity.. all these are volunteers.. Thanks to Kiam Team. (Kelab Islah dan Amal Mesiniaga)

During the makan2 we have this movie title The messenger.. tapi tak sempat nak tengok habis pun.. hmm plan nak tengok hari nih thru YOUTUBE >click here for the full movie version.. Filem lama.. tapi best dapat tgk movie macam nih.. bukan hari2 dapat tgk.. channel arabic kat astro tuh pulak.. tak dak subtitle.. tak reti la aku nak tgk..