why the heck that i did’t feel anything.. hmm ke aku yang tak tahu erti syukur..? Well, whatever it is.. this is what it takes to be a System Admin:

1. Change your mindset — The true SA is a combination caretaker, security guard, and baby sitter
2. Learn new toolsets — If one wants to move into the corporate arena, then you must be able to take whatever tools are laying around and get the job done. This means the ability to learn new tools and to use old tools in new ways.
3. Learn to handle pressure — Expect to have to work with others looking over your shoulder. It adds a new level of pressure to have a Senior VP of a billion dollar company watching you type! (Or just the guy who signs your paycheck.)
4. Never start from scratch. Find something close and modify — For scripting, start with the boot up scripts (/sbin/init.d, /etc/rc.d, etc)
5. Hang out with experts — Don’t be afraid of appearing ignorant. Fear staying ignorant
6. Practice good debugging habits — Understand it the way it is (broken) before you try to fix it
7. Learn manually, then codify — Remember the commands by writing a script for them and commenting the script.
8. Document what you do — Comment your scripts liberally. The best comments (IMHO) are the ones that explain ‘Why?’.
9. Learn to share — Share what you’ve learned with others
10. Remember to have fun — Make your system your passion, not just your job. Don’t consider becoming a SA if it isn’t your passion.