I’ve been thinking and wondering..

How do i get good grades.. ? hmm i have this book.. kind of self-help book that i bought somewhere in 2001. i dont know whether it is still in my book shelves or in a box.. kena selongkar nih..

Friends, do you mind, if you could share some of your tips.. in order to score.. hmm to be honest, am not gifted with a very bright brain, but i believe that, if there is a will, there will be ways to get there.. hmm berangan nak dpt very great result.. i know that i didn’t push myself to the fullest..

As a kick start.. since it is still the very beginning of the semester.. hmm need to sort out..what is the best and what bad for me.. in the other hands.. hmm bab pantang makan itu ini.. alhamdulillah me ok with it.. no instant food, instant noodles, not taking any kepala ikan (memang tak reti makan pun) no to all animals inside n deep organs.. (memang tak berapa suka pun).. what else.. I like honey, but not to raisin and dates.. (haa problem yg nih)

Hmm tapi memang aku tak puas hati dengan result aku kali nih.. CGPA aku turun… aarrghh.. now is 3.4 cam ner nak aku improve result nih..? Especially for subject like.. hmm say.. Reseacrh paper.. please.. some tips.. (solat hajat and tahajjud kurang kot 🙂 ).

Thanks in advanced…

Good day!!!