last Friday i went to Siti’s Concert Satu @Istana Budaya. What i can say is.. This concert is another concert that brings the Diva closer to her fans.. Sharing stories and feelings.

At one moment she was deeply touched, thinking of her late father, that was not there, on that concert.. Afterall, the Biarlah Rahsia that once i listened repeatedly before, i think that very nite, i can understand how she feels (bukanlah 100% pun.. probably 40% ajer).. It’s so hard to be Siti. We probably seen her in a very nice dress, flooded with luxuries and attentions, but at last i think, money can’t guarantee your “happiness”, agree with me?

I expect that i can really enjoy her great voice.. i wish that she could perform in an acoustic show.. No doubt that she has dozen great singles… unfortunately the sound and music that nite does not reach my expectation. Nevertheless, i like the way she performed for one song, which i donno the title but it has this japanese music stream… best ala2 Geisha pulak aku tengok dia perform.. Wish that i could see her again performing in TV.. Lagi best if she could perform with the japanese instrument.. entah apa nama aku tak tahu..

Overall, i enjoyed her songs and performance that nite.. she is definitely a very prestigious singer.. eventough she dont have catchy songs like Mnasir.. but she is definitely in her very own style…