Alhamdulillah.. I’ve been waiting for almost a month.. since i’ve finished my exams.. And now am able to make a come back to this lovely journal.. Rindu nak menaip.. rindu to write something that i probably can share with my friends or myself in this journal. Memang banyak cerita.. but too many constraints for me to type it here.. Now here i am.. typing and perhaps a lil bit later will spend my weekends browsing n visiting my friends blogs that i’ve longing to visit.

For a start.. i have another career options that has been offered to me.. and to tell the true I still can’t decide, whether I will leave my current dept or to stay.. but one thing I know.. It is not me to decide.. Rahimah already said ok.. but i am still waiting an answer from the other bos. Probably 50/50, i may be suitable for the post.. tapi maybe because i am a student after 6pm.. that would made a lil bit different… Ya Allah kenapa la peluang datang waktu aku attached to something? i really want to make this transfer a reality… but 50/50.. a chance either to stay nor transfer is totally unpredictable. Tuhan sahaja yang tahu..

Actually at the same time.. bos aku dont really OK with my transfer… i just can feelsss it… well orang pompuan kan ada good instinct better than men.. 😀 God gifts. She likes me, to be true.. or aku yang perasan.(hahaha) There is another offer for a great training ahead.. tapi macam mimpi pulak.. apa2 pun.. hopes that am not daydreaming.. sangat menarik. And actually if i stay. i still have lots to do n plans…