This is just kind of all happy news that i received within this March 2009. i feel so blessed.. and i just wanted to share all these with u, My precious journal.. (plus whoever that stop and read this entry) ihiks

1. It was back on Last February that i was assigned to study on the user requirements for the new system. To help Admin dept to understands their processes and alhamdulillah, it was successfully submitted within its due date. Ala2 consultant la to resolved this hirewire.  In return, I was awarded merit award by my manager, and was selected to be at the coming CEO Diamond Club for Q4, this coming 24th March 2009

2. During the Kickoff meeting on last 7th march 2009,  i was awarded for the Director’s award AKA informal award, awarded by the company to me.. hmm this is for my overall performance in 2008.. walla this is my first time.. since i’ve converted to permanent.. Those 8 lucky persons that were selected from the 43 names dapat fly to Egypt.. probably turn aku lain tahun. hahaha berangan.. And of course this award comes with some cash.. kalau dulu2 sebulan gaji.. fuh but this time.. sorry economy jatuh.. so faham2 laa..  overall alhamdulillah

3. I was nominated and confirmed will take and seat for this one cert.. i am the system administrator with certificate-to-be.. walla Alhamdullillah.. Rezeki. So i will make sure that i pass this cert.. lepas tuh sure la kena “bond” for a year or more with my company.. but i dont care about that.. as long as i can learn something.. expanding my knowledge.. Orang sekarang kata ” grab apa sahaja yang datang” hahaha..

Huhuhu.. how do i thank you Ya Allah? aku rasa entah tak cukup dengan ucapan syukur dari mulut aku.. Thank you thank you thank you thank you.. x 1TB