Nowadays, blogs writing or personal webpage are very popular, even our teenagers at the most, 12years old, have their own space in the internet. What do they write about? And are you interested to read it.. my point is.. what triggered you to read someone’s blog or space.. What criteria that you looking for.. and what makes you come back to read that blog?

Hari ini, where technology has taken over many of our routines, that includes, writing a letter to a friend.. I mean physical letter that we wrote on a piece of paper.. when was ur last time you wrote a letter to your friend or your parents? I still remember, when my sister was away working in Ipoh somewhere in 1990s.. I always received letters from her, and as usual those wording are so damn nice.. let me quote few lines hahaha..

Assalamualaikum kehadapan ayahanda and bonda semoga berada di dalam keadaan sihat wal’afiat hendaknya. Anakanda di sini Alhamdulillah, sihat-sihat sahaja..

That is just the introduction or “mukadimah”.. Kalau aku la.. been told to write such letter to my mum.. haha probably I’ll write it like.. this

Hi mak and abah, I miss you so much.. muahhks u tak miss kat I ke? Mak and abah, ekin sihat2 Mak and abah sihat? Mak jangan gaduh-gaduh dengan abah, nanti tak cium bau syurga.. hahaha

Sengal kan? Hahaha that’s the different between my eldest sister and me.. She is damn sweet, very motherly, very soft spoken unlike me. Haha

Alamak terkeluar tajuk. Apakahhhh cerita pasal isi kandungan surat..

Back to what I want to share here.. what makes you come back, to read, explore..

Is it a way of their writing, or simply you want to know their update?. Is it because the attractiveness of the picture or wording on it?

For me, i dont want my readers to be attracted to picture that i published? why, because i hardly put pictures in my entries hahaha.. I just want to share what i’d published here, if only the readers like to read it. If i were to read others blogs, i would like to study how and what their writing styles. Because to be honest, am not good at writing.. no matter what language it would be.. i am very bad at creating sentences.. hahaha.. that is why ayat-ayat cinta aku sesedap rasa aku je and I will write almost everything but sadly.. it is not properly structured… in other word… main taram je. hahaha.. but i am still in a process of learning to be a good writer with zillions vocabs. I really do, and I really enjoyed reading blogs that have a very structured writing style, creative, nice to read, new opinion and ideas.. other than that, just to update myself what’s going on and what’s up.. haha

So what makes you come back to read on someone’s blog?

NOTE: Another entry with title first-content later.. huhu hureeyyy!!!