Do you have to reset your inspiration everyday.. or there is only one inspiration in a year.. What makes you going and doing something.. Is it just your plain determination or inspired by your inspiration?

For me.. Sometimes I need to reset, recharge and change my inspiration.. or worst sometime, I keep on searching until clock is already tickling 5pm. Sadis kan? In other word that day was my very bad day… hmm bukan lah mood tak menentu but the day itself.. something goes wrong, somewhere maybe.

What inspired me the most? Hmm when it comes to something new in my wardrobe, my daily schedules, probably my previous weekends, vacation that has been scheduled, presentation that I’ve been planned and fully prepared, by special individual in my mind, by sms, email, or probably a letter that I’d received.

Sunday, I will be in tennis court in the morning, swimming and later I will be heading to Sunway pyramid for movie marathon.. and what inspired me to go for tennis and swimming, I just feel that I need to lose few kilos, and it scared me all the time.. Secondly, am hoping that all oxygen that goes to my brain can helps me a lot at my studies and will improve my memories. And why I want to go for movie marathon? Because I’ve been so long away from it, if I’m not mistaken my last movie was Indiana Jones, and I have no commitment to anything or whatsoever. Hahaha

So what’s inspired you the most? Hehehe enjoy ur weekend.  😀

Note: This is the first time i keyed on the title rather than the content..marveleesto