It is a second saturday in February. I woke up early morning.. had my breakfast, with malay pancake and my favourite local coffee. Tengok TV with mak and abah, tanyalah Ustaz @tv9.. very interesting program.. longer Q&A session about Islam and all things related to it. Abour 8am, mak and me went out.. we are heading to Tennis court in Kelana Jaya.

I played about 1 hour and 15 minutes.. tired. non stop, stopped with a little drink and continue. Mak have her brisk walking around the court area. I met with this veteran.. hmm Malaysian x-team in Sea games.. hmm forgot his name.. something Singh.. hmm bad memory..

Done with tennis, mak asked to take her to her favourite fruits supermarket. Aku pun suka. I drove to SS15 Subang jaya lepas tuh ke pasar besar Jln Othman, Petaling Jaya. Drop off mak and i drove to Pj State, stopped at petrol pump for fuel and gas and back to Pasar besar PJ. Dah settled, sampai rumah, tak sempat bukak tudung, i walked to Kak ila’s house. konon nak fetch kak ila and hidayah datang umah.. Layan hidayah tengok her favourite CD, sampai sempat nap 10 minutes.. tahu-tahu kak ila dah siap bertudung, fetched tangan hidayah and keluar dari umah kak ila.

Sampai dekat umah, mak dah ready lunch meal..resting, bersihkan diri. At 1530 i was on my way to my replacement class, classification.. My favourite lecturer. Aku sampai 1540.. late for 10 minutes. Lucky class sampai 630, as per earlier plan, class habis 730. Fuhh lega makcik.

Activity esok, aku and mak nak pi swimming pool kat Kelana Jaya, (definitely mak aku tak swimming, instead aku mintak dia temankan.. ) pastu sebagai balasa aku bawak dia ke Ikea, dari semalam dok kata nak pi Ikea.. hm aku yek dia nak carik. Abah will stay at home.. he is the kind yg tak mo jalan, instead he prefer to have lunch or dinner outside.. and definitely I wont leave him behind. Activity jalan2 nih agak terhad untuk abah,. Kesian abah.. but i know he is ok with it… 🙂