There are so many stories, since my last entry on this page.. hmm but i do not know whether am capable to write about everything..( sapa suruh!!)

One thing that comes to my mind is about the Gaza.. The very since 27th Dec, that cold war has taken away so many lives. Especially kids…I’d always thinking and imagining Hidayah and myself in the middle of that war.. wondering around, hurts, crying.. searching for shelter, food and water.. Sadis

Until today.. i am trying my best to prevent myself from going to those companies that i happened to know have direct contribution to Israel.. eventhou i do not know the true fact.. but i want and will prevent those places, for instance, fast food. Anyways.. fast food is definitely not good for me..  So unhealthy. Boycott jangan tak boycott.

Is also one of them? i do not know.. and i do not have that information..

These few weeks.. i got to travel from my office in Subang, to another office in USJ.. This is due to the assignment that Rahimah assigned me for. Instead of doing and searching information for the knowledge base, I’ve been assigned to assist admin team to re-study the user requirement for the new system.. It looks like.. the developers are quite lost in our flows and hundreds of procedures.. one of my colleague told me, “it is like chicken-and-duck conversations.”

Whatever it is.. I’ve already given the best.. and the document on it, has been submitted. Tomorrow will be another discussion.. probably in USJ office, i kind of forget, too lazy to check my calendar in my inbox.

This week is a so called sem break.. since there are no classes, except for Dr Jumy’s, which is on Wednesday, I tried to spend some valueable times at my workplace.. The good things about my office,  is many muslim in my office are good muslim.. (hmm boleh ke cakap macam tuh? ) well in my opinion.. Yes..(What I mean is the implementation..) Because when i was posted at KLCC and TPM, it is difficult to get into solat jamaah, unlike here.. We even have religious classes, twice a month with caliber person called Ustaz to our auditorium.. I can still remember.. on my previous days before i joined my company, i always prayed that i have a good workplace, no problem performing solah at any time and good work environment.. Thanks to Allah i got that.. what more i want? Huge salary increment?.. (hmm sapa tak nak).. of cause i want it.. and insya allah it will be just around the corner.. sooner or later.. it is evaluation weeks everybody..

Wish me luck..