I realized something.. the very since I’d formatted my notebook… I think i lost one file.. not too sure whether I have deleted that file before I sent my notebook for repair.. or I simply keep it in my personal folder.. Hmm if I keep it, then that file should be in there.. hmm Where is it? Lucky I put password on that document.. but how tough that password can keep that file from being read and access?.. nothing much.. just kind of my personal notes.. which are readable ONLY by ME.. not a thing that I want to share.. Wahh sounds secret giler.. hmm takla secret pun.. just notes about my precious prayers, my feelings, opinions and what I thought the most.. Hahaha funny things also included.. Where is that file.. ? Ala… I want to continue writing on it.. adoii .. mana la aku simpan. Sayangnya file tuhh..