Hi Precious Journal..

This is just a short entry.. I will be off to external training.. hmm something to do with leadership training.. It is not really about leasership.. but it is called ESQ leadership training because (according to the website) it says that we will learn about the experience of the most influential leader in the world history (which is our S.A.W) especially the values, principles and actions that makes him a great top leader. I once read this book (particularly on his chapter and few other leaders e.g: Gautama buddha, Jesus Christ and Leonarda Da Vinci) baca and close (aku tak baca semua). Hmm the training will be conducted by.. i think a Malaysian kot.. hmm for further info.. probably this link can provide the info on the  training.. Tiga hari 19-21 Dec, 2008 @ Summit Hotel, Subang Jaya.

Lucky my boss dah pi awal.. unfortunately.. minggu ini she is not feeling very well.. terkena  chikungunya fever.. previously she told me that her maid had this fever.. hmm kesian kali nih dia pulak..  take care Rahimah..  🙂