A conversation with only-I-know-who…

Ekin : Hi My precious..

My Precious : Hi, It’s November now.. anyways.. happy birthday to u, Ekin..

Ekin : Thanks my precious.. U will always be my friend..

My Precious : How’s life?

Ekin : Hmm life..? alhamdulillah.. so far so good.. (just ignore those aren’t important)

My Precious : Glad to hear it.. Ekin it’s already Nov, 2008.. any plan or achievement?

Ekin : What plan? (Do I hv anything that need to be done before year end (makcik lupa ka)?). Hmm I don’t think that I have any pending plan for this year. 🙂

My Precious: Really..?

Ekin : Yup.. Nothing.. perhaps… a plan to for a short vacation to a spectacular place somewhere in Terengganu.. 🙂 . But this one.. perhaps after the monsoon season.. after January should be okey, I guess.

My Precious : Where to ?

Ekin : Marang beach. Nice place, the best sunset in Malaysia..or maybe Perhentian island for snorkeling n diving perhaps.. (huh i wish)

My Precious : Sounds great, Other than that ?

Ekin : What ? Another plan?

My Precious : No dear, about ur achievement..

Ekin : Owh.. ya i got two CEO Diamond Club invitations..na.. these are nothing much that i can be proud of.. (hmm zero.. thought that mgmt could give us a cert that certified our outstanding achievement.. kan?) and there is no other plan My Precious.. Hmm.. just to let you know my dear precious.. I felt like I ‘m not doing best enough for my work n study during the third n forth quarter of this year.. but there’s no turning back rite.. ?

My Precious : Yeah right. Move forward Ekin.. Forget the pass..

Ekin : Ya agreed and i will work harder next year.. (hmm insya Allah). But what if, everything that I did end up with lots of mistake n failure..?

My Precious : Not to worry Ekin.. “Only those who do nothing make no mistakes..”

Ekin : 🙂 .. Thank You so Much My Dear Precious..

My Precious : You’re most welcome dear 🙂