This story probably not important to your knowledge, but probably this could be the moment where i can memorised this information. longer probably for a lifetime. 🙂

Memorization is best when an event occurred or taken place the moment you are the main character of the story or event. Most of the time. For instance, i learnt about word “Selak” or kunci when i was in form 2.. sadis kan…? before that i never heard of that selak (bukan menyelak langsir and etc etc) is also to lock or mengunci. An event, where my auntie reminded me to lock the room before i slept. I was like.. blur when she said “syikin, tolong Selak pintu tu “.. i walked to the door.. but doing nothing.. weird huh?.. hahaha (aku rasa nak gelak je).. My auntie again told me to “selak” the door. I replied.”Selak?”.. Ya allah Kunci syikin..(Duuhhh..) after that simple event.. i learnt that “selak” is actually mengunci. Haha..lawak. And yesterday was another event.

Independence day is just around the corner.. and it is a trend most of buildings in our country will be decorated with various colours of flags.. Same goes to my workplace.. from the very highest peak of level 12 sampai laa lower ground.. they hanged colorful flags at each level of my workplace. Each level of this building are dedicated to a private balcony.. Me at level 4. So i see these two flags everyday,One is Jalur Gemilang and the other one is “unknown”. when i am out from the elevator.. From the very first day.. i kept on asking myself.. hmm yang itu bendera negeri mana haa..? until yesterday… was the moment..

it was 1735 i guess.. boss pun dah balik.. just few of us, which are still working. Am supposed to go back at 1830.. So i made an announcement..a.k.a. buat bising..(kecoh pompuan nih..)

“Hey korang… korang tahu tak bendera apa kat tepi tuh..? Aku dok fikir-fikir.. imaginized each flags in malaysia..masa aku dalam toilet.. hmm i dont know which state it belongs to. kalau penang, with pokok pinang.. , if sabah with puncak kinabalu, pahang and terengganu both with the same colors, just different on the design.. perak also No.. sarawak.. hm no.. “
One of my friend, said.. “EKin.. i think u shud tender ur resignation letter.. that is Mesiniaga’s Flag..”

Aaa?(objecting.. (my usual style)) “no way,” i replied. “I’ve seen mesiniaga flag.. it’s white in color and of coz with its name on it.. nono.. u salah laa.”

Korang.. i think i know.. i dah imaginized all states except one.. let me guess..Aku teka itu bendera negeri Perlis..”(kawan-kawan aku pun nampak blur and not confident with my answer..except one , Alex agreed dengan aku.)

“Korang.. let me google.. aku nak confirm betul ke tak jawapan aku..”
Me at the same time.. feel a bit shame if i got it wrong.. haha bendera negara2 africa selatan aku boleh teka masa olympic.. inikan pulak negeri dalam negara aku sniri.. hmm what a shame..

I googled and i referred to Wikipedia Encyclopedia and i found this.. Aha.. indeed.. it is definitely belongs to negeri Perlis…

hahaha laugh out loud. (I got it right.. Yes..).. hope that i can memorized this information.. perhaps for another 60 years.. hahahah (bendera negeri dalam Malaysia pun tak hafal.. sengal je bunyinyer).

Note: Pengajarannya… tolong belajar pengajian am. Hampes je tak tahu.. ahaks