Below is an overview of my opinions regarding this press article

Kepala aku terpikir kan cadangan Menteri Besar Selangor untuk membuka laluan 10% kepada orang-orang non-bumi ke Uitm. He gave us an example of UIAM. UIAM is totaly different instituition. Originally, the basis of this University is Islam.. and it is possible to offer places to non-bumi and international students, provided students are able to understand their compulsory subject e.i. to Take/learn arabic, as a must paper. Islam itu luas.. so luaslah scope institution yang lahir under this name.

Siapa yang tak kenal siapa nih? tak kaji sejarah ke? Penubuhan asal UITM, nama Lama ITM, atau lebih lama lagi ialah, Maktab MARA. Soalan yang perlu di tanya is.. What is MARA. Mara is Majlis Amanah Rakyat (formerly known as RIDA).. What is the purpose of this body? The purpose is to help, encourage, and train bumiputras in term of education, economy, and antyhing that can help to strengthen/improve bumiputras lifestyle. So is it relevant to give away 10% to non -bumi, because initially, this body was created, to helps Bumiputras.. am not trying to become a racist.. NO Am not. Am totally against it. FYI MRSM, was also under the MARA project, a tiny of its, has been given away to non-bumi, so as a whole i can say that the main objective/and vision of MARA is already broken. So enough is enough.. because other university in Malaysia have already given that rights to them.

Hah.. so cadangan atau proposal atau apa2, i guess should be presented in such a proper manner. Mungkin orang boleh tilik or pertimbangkan.. is it? 🙂

p/s: Being “Open” does not means that you can touch “them”(UITM) physically, but an Open system also can be implemented remotely (nowadays), for example.. putting a huge mirror and covered “them”. Still Comments and opinions are welcome. Changes to the concepts can be done (by authorised person/ministry ONLY) and it is good to, provided, with a proper plan and reasons..