Accidentally, i have two pending and unfinished drafts. Hmm me looking at it.. read it and deleted. Not knowing what to type and why should i continue with these stories… am not gifted to be a storyteller.. but am gifted to write whenever i feel/needs to write. (Apo aku mengarut nih)

This whole weekdays i spent it for my working hours and studies.. Revision? i need it so much.. but whenever i touch those books.. i can’t even start it right away.. (apsal aku macam nih aaa?) For this whole days.. i think, most of it.. i spent it on my bed.. (kenapa aku jadi malas? ). must be something wrong, somewhere..(i guess). I really need to go thru Huayu notes and exercise.. (kenapa aku rasa malas macam nih… Ya allah help me) Otherwise.. laoshi aku naik berang

Bulan august already. i guess this month, i will be getting more and more busy at work and school. (Aduii.. banyak benda nak buat). Mak aku untuk kesekian kalinya, remind me to quit from FF. This is because.. i dont even have any free slot.. for my excercise @ gym. Sayang. company aku dah bagi kemudahan.. tapi aku yang tak der masa. last month, i just visited FF, once.. this month, ZERO. (Kesian aku) I think i should stop and remove this FF from my schedule, as of now. Probably this month will be my last month. (Or maybe this would be my second months of ZERO-visit). Anyways.. class gym kat office aku pun aku tak pernah joint. Usually on Tuesday and Thursday after 1800.(Aku ada class, macam mana nak masuk class tuh) I think, my mum was right. I need to let go this. You can’t do everything that you want at one time. (Semua nak.. cam tamak plak..)

Pernah tak terpikir.. time is running out.. it is like… you already have your own scheduled.. you executed it.. but at the same time… your head is thinking.. where am i supposed to find a time.. to suite this and that plan? have you ever feel like.. that..whatever you have in your head.. should be done earlier before you are here (at your current situation). Fhm tak ? (hmm kadang2 ayat aku merapu.. hmm if fhm. ok lah.. tak fhm.. no problemo.)

Sharing is caring… Thanks in advanced.

Huayu = Mandarin language
Laoshi = lecturer/Teacher