hahaha.. aku baru perasan kat my previous 2 entries ada smiley face.. Probably kehabisan idea nak tulis title.. 🙂

Yeah to be honest, actually yang paling susah is to put on the title for each entry.. usually i chose and key in those titles, once i’ve done typing all the stories.. hehehe.. and the title will be a kind of my whole conclusion.. (seriously.. aku rasa letak tajuk yang paling payah.. ) and if possible, i dont want to have same title in each entries, twice. (Hmm hopefully not) Unless.. Hehe if i accidentally posted a song twice.. because i always want the title to be of my own standard. The format should be in tag like this <the song title><space><space><singer/group name>.. for example.. like this or this entry.

Hahaha.. cerewet.? memang aku cerewet. muahahah

So.. how did u decide about ur entry’s title..? which one comes first.. is it the story or the title. ? 🙂