This is quite outdated entry, but i still want it to be here, in my precious journal.. Hmm am telling myself, this is part of my precious life.. 😀

I watched Sepi on July 2, 2008 @20:30 TGV, Sunway Piramid. Together with Ayong and Kak ila. Baby kak ila fatihah jaga. ahaks..

It was superb and pack with surprises… Unique.. it’s about love and loneliness from various stages of life. Orang2 belakang aku disturbed me (most of the time), sometime they are whispering or should i say, talking while others are concentrating, i guess they already watched it several times. Plus others took our seats. (cantik2 aku pilih tempat tengah.. orang lain pulak yang duduk.. hampes) Hmm mood spoiler. Forget about it.. back to the Sepi.

I love the story of Adam (Afdlin Shauki) A single chef with many friends.. funny and sincere. Always been invited to a wedding receptions and was seated with or beside mysterious single (all the time.. hehe). Trying hard to find a life partner but end up and mistakenly engaged to Suzie, just for the sake of “Suzie loves him”, luckily the camellia flower lady, came back and made a confession. The song “Kau Ada Dia” by Da Lima sangat kena dengan kisah ini.. best lagu tuh.. 😉

The second character is about Sufi Abdullah. A successful man owned RoadRunner Co. Challenged by his destiny when his wife was tragically killed in an accident. Later, he found a second chance, with another married woman, who used to be lonely waiting for a child from her 7 years old marriage. As time goes by.. Marya stayed faithfully to her husband until the end. One day, Marya tried to contact her incomplete luv story, nevertheless, all she got is just a visit by her x-beloved-secret-affair’s son and a hair band. (This is touchy)..

Meawhile the last main character is about a young lady.. probably she’d been trying too hard to stay in her luv.. even though her “best partner” has passed away. Too eager to be loved and too dedicated to her love until risking her own life. Sadis. At the end, she finally found her new love, the fake Shakespeare.

That ‘s Sepi by Khabir Bhatia.. very brilliant, colorful, and so mesmerizing.