Since the day one of fuel price hike.. today is my first day.. giving away my RM62 just for 23 liters of petrol rather than RM43, previously. Fuuuhhh.. for the first time.. i’m feeling the pain.. aduss.. can you imagine those people who always fulfilling their fuel tank? serious sakit.. Always.. always.. the word is always.. no wonder.. when i browsed through the internet there are so many stories about sacrifies… Why sacrify?.. it’s about fuel and its cost. no kidding.. life is changing damn rapidly… silap orang boleh dapat stress tahap cipan..

How are we suppose to change our life, if our current condition right now, is so-so… not to say kais pagi makan pagi.. but.. just so-so. (Alhamdulillah).. Can you share with me?.. What are those things that you can think.. that probably we might change or reduce .. just to ensure that life’s OK in our current imbalance situation now

boleh bagi idea? Please and kindly drop in your idea(s) – if any. 😀

Life is getting tougher and toughest..