It’s 1730, Cuma aku dgn acu sahaja yang belum naik bas, Rahimah called my hp twice. Just to check on us. Changed to my “selipar” and walked fast to the bus. Traffic jamm as usual on our way to Kesas. Pakcik bus nih tak reti jalan kot. Slow macam siput. After 30 minutes baru dapat masuk kesas. Straight to Bdr Tasik Selatan, passed by Pandan Perdana, UIAM and to Karak Highway. About 730, we reached Selesa Resort at Janda Baik, Bukit Tinggi. We’re given our room keys and straight to our apartment. Acu, Zarina, Che An, Rahimah, Inaz and me all together in one apartment of 3 rooms. Memula Rahimah nak sebilik ngan aku, hmm akhirnya kami main masuk je bilik-bilik yang ada. Aku masuk master bed room, with Inaz. Unpacked my things, bathed and solat magrib. After solat we’re out for dinner at the “Supper Corner”. Hmm the food was so-so. Alhamdulillah we arrived here safely and perut pun kenyang.

The agenda of the night is the ice breaking session. We’re assigned to five different group, mine is OGAKOR. Followed with a fun game.. called Chicken game, ala2 main O-som, at the end of the game, I was one of the player yang tak bertukar jadi Ayam dewasa.. so sad.. akhirnya kena denda menari tengah-tengah sambil menutup mata.. (nasib baik bukan aku sorang.. all together 3 org.. hampes je.. first game dah kena denda). Habis game, we need to answer few question related to Mesiniaga.. (arrghh lucky we have Che An, the most senior in our group. Hehhe.. tapi aku tengok most of the group yang lain cheating.. dorang dah print out details about our company.. (hampes je) .. end up.. our group manage to solve all questions at the second last ranked.. (hmmok la tuh..)

Soalan2 such as .. in what year Mesiniaga listed in the main board of Bursa Malaysia.. (haa?.. how am I suppose to know.. aku belum pernah dapat pun sharenya. Aku pun tak keje lagi.. ) hmm ada banyak lagi info lain yang aku perlu hafal and ingat.. (ihiks) Once all answered, we’re given a plastic bag of stuffs to create our logo a.k.a. flag, we need to create “Haka” movement/dance for our group and to answer few others personal question for each of the group members. Dismissed from the main hall a.k.a. x-restaurant “Le Sihat hall”, Ogakor group members practicing their haka steps. Iqhuan was selected as our “Tok batin”.All these will be presented to tomorrow morning session (14/06)

Will be continued..