It’s already in April 2008. Cepatnya masa berlalu. And i am now preparing myself for my final exam, assignment to be submitted and etc etc. About my earlier plan to go to Celine Dion concert.. hmm probably tak jadi. Takde kaki. Doesn’t mean that i dont have my legs anymore, heheh.. tak der geng or colleagues with same agenda to go there.. All complaining about the xpensive ticket.. it is expensive.. hmm mungkin i’m the only one yang willing nak buang duit macam tuh kot.. Probably they have another big commitment, rather than watching Celine on stage..kan ? But there is one of my friend, which is willing to go to the concert.. but i know.. that is just a matter of fulfilling my desired.. kawan aku tuh.. probably tak minat langsung.. or worse.. tak pernah dengar lagu Celine Dion pun.. heheh anyways.. thanks Judd..

To build up a website actually is an easy task.. tapi entah macam mana kepala aku blur.. idea tak datang and i can’t even start on the body. Malunyaaa… Ambik fresh screen and air for my mind.. menaip dekat sini.. lama giler aku tak masuk sini.. tahu-tahu the template is already changed… hmm looks like more cherish than before.. tapi nampak ala2 kanak-kanak ribena pulak.. Whatever it is… it’s fresh looks and made me feel good. Hah.. i dont even have idea to type here.. suddenly.. my fingers, right now, is dancing on the keyboard… faster tango rhythm.. Muahahah

It’s almost the end of my first sem. Harap-harap semuanya lancar… Last week i went to one internal training. Ada orang from Penang yang turun ke KL for the Effective Thinking Development and Mind Maps. What an interesting topic. Masa sekolah dulu, i heard about this mind maps.. tapi degil kan.. and don’t bother nyer attitude. This week is my very last week at campus.. lepas nih tak der class dah.. It’s a study week. hmm cuak pun ada.. Dah lama aku tak mabik exam. especially kalau dok kat exam hall.. arrghh.. Dah lama aku tak ambik written exam.. in a hall.. that’s a bit scary for me. Tapi aku paling suka masa aku ambik SPM dulu my seating position best giler. Tepi, tingkat atas, in a class room boleh nampak scenery tepi sekolah aku, walaupun tak cantik.. tapi bagi aku itu dah cukup menenangkan.. dari pada duduk dalam hall yang besar, seating at the most end of the hall.. semua orang kita boleh nampak.. and when people keeps on writing while you are not.. than it’ll come a situation.. rasa cuak yang semacam… hehehe.. hv u experienced this or ever wonder how would it feels? … It’s a small matter sebenarnya.. tapi dalam saat2 kecemasan.. it is not good for your crowded minds.. hehehe..

Oklahh.. aku nak sambung keje aku..