huhu… it’s been quite sometime that i didn’t write anything here.. Bz plus Malles plus no story to tell.. muahaha

But this morning i discovered one hot topics. It is about SMS. It’s been announced thru a TV show this morning that, in a day there are billions of SMSses being sent and received just in Malaysia. But if i asked myself, how many sms that i sent in a day? The answer is far too small. Jangan gelak. 2 sms ONLY. Y? because

1. I’m so lazy to type sms,
2. I dont like the keypad on my hp.

Probably, if i have a good hp and best keypad, it will help and increase my enthusiastic to sms. Hmm perhaps.

March, is a month to complete all my assignment, April is a month of my final exam and my training. Aaa.. April also is a month of Celine Dion’s concert.. aarg.. tak sabar nak pegi.. nak nyanyi lagu2.. Celine Dion yg BEST tuh… Bila aku teringat lagu My Heart Will Go On, aku teringat masa aku dekat college dulu, one of my friend, Che ku, cukup suka buat video klip. Video clip sendiri.. Muahaha.. dengan gaya slow motion, running from end to end.. gelak macam nak pecah perut.. Lagu yang seromantic itu dah tak jadi romantic langsung.. Semua gara-gara Che ku. Selain buat Video klip, kitaorg suka buat suara ala2 soprano.. masa nyanyi lagu nih.. havoc giler dalam bilik tuh..

Another song yang very memorable between me and my friends are, Always Be My Baby – Mariah Carey, Aku dok nyanyi lagu nih dengan Yen… buat concert sendiri dalam bilik.. muahaha.. entah sumbang kee.. sumbing kee.. kami tak tahu.. but all we know is.. this is what we call as stress-reliever-activities..

Hmm rasa rindu membuak to all my room mates.. rindu rindu. Cepat-cepat aku shoot email to all.. there is a good news.. Zila already confirmed and currently on her 5th month of pregnancy.. and soalan lain yang kawan-kawan aku tanya.. tak lain tak bukan… Bila nak makan nasi minyak.. Which i.. spontaneously.. replied ” wait until i’m 32 at least.. unless Allah says.. ” Kun fa ya Kun”.. hehehe..

Hmm.. i just received an email containing a quite crucial document that need my signature. From You-Know-What-company from US. hmm akhirnya aku kena sign jugak.. not my authority person nor my boss. Nama aku siap tertera lagi kat situ.. Petang ada class macam biasa Class with En Azman, mata rasa mengantuk tapi masih nak menaip lagi. En Azman pulangkan test yang last 2 weeks kami ambik, alhamdulillah aku dapat keputusan yang aku kira… quite excellent. 😀 banggo makcik.